August 11th, 2011

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Day 41.....

and, wouldn't ya know it, but they're saying we *might* not break the record - tomorrow may get to 99* only. Dammit - we've come THIS far, Lord, let's go ahead and break the damn record, THEN drop below 100*. (And I can TOTALLY see someone out at the official thermometer with a magnifying glass to make SURE we break the record. Yes, we're totally punch-drunk out here, but heck - we've come this far, let's go all the way, y'know? Tomorrow we MATCH the record, Saturday we Break it. Let's do this....especially since LONG-range forecasting show 100+ from Saturday thru the foreseeable future. :sigh:)

My neighbors believe our gate was revenge for reporting the mailbox. :sigh: SG is looking into getting a security system....just in case. Yes, we have dogs - but it only takes a bit of meat with anti-freeze on it to take care of them. I'm more worried about the critters than my house - the house is only *stuff*, y'know? The critters - they're living, breathing partners to us........

I have 2 completely finished placemats, and 2 almost done. Himself is binding one of them - his stitching is...well, messy, but honestly? I don't care - he offered to help, and I will LOVE using it.

When we first moved into this house, I became Holly Homemaker for a few months - I made all the curtains, I made (very very simple) placemats, I made all my hot pads.....I came to my senses before I started a tablecloth, but it was touch-and-go for a bit, there. That urge is back.....I am eyeing my fabric stash, I'm looking at various quilt patterns, and I am FIGHTING the urge to measure my table and do some math. I'm not sure WHERE this urge came from - the Sabbath wall-hanging, OK. I've wanted to do something special just for the Sabbath for a while, now, and I tripped across that pattern in a totally different search. The placemats....well, once the hanging was done, I decided I needed "matching" special placemats. I get that...but now I'm eyeing some of my early placemats - I sewed 2 fat quarters together and called it good - with the idea of slicing 'em up and making a bunch of 9-patch squares to reassemble into "nice" placemats. And I was hunting a tablecloth pattern last!

School yesterday was Horrid - Himself had a meltdown over writing. Again. So, he has writing the rest of the week. Today? He did it promptly with no problems. :bangs head: Both kids are enjoying Latin - which is a surprise. Of course, it's EASY - but still! They wanted to do more than the 9 translations that were today's assignment (Sum, Nauta, and Ego. Sum = I am, Nauta = Sailor, and Ego also means I am, but more as an emphasis of Sum. We did Sum Nauta, Ego Sum Nauta, Nauta Sum Ego, Ego Nauta Sum....because in Latin, word order doesn't seem to matter. Yet, anyway.)

Gotta run Herself to the quilt store - she decided out of the blue yesterday that SHE wants to, we discussed what she wanted to do (a wall-hanging for her room). I asked her what she wanted it to look like - of course, she went overboard with stuff that would have to be appliqued, which she is nowhere near ready to do, so I had to re-direct her. We settled on a hanging with a panel in the middle (from scraps of one of her shirts - it's an oriental-looking fabric, with dragons. I had to do some fancy piecing to get 1 entire dragon, but - if I do say so myself - I did a good job on it. It actually looks like a solid piece, and not 3 I had to wiggle around and sew together.), with some sort of border. I'm hoping the quilt ladies can help her choose the "proper" colors to make it look Spectacular, and not just "meh".
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We didn't break 100* today - 1 day shy of matching the 1980 record. Dammmmmmmit! I'm sorry, but we've gone this long, the LEAST thing could be we break the record!

And, of course, we start over tomorrow - estimated high of 103*. :bangs head:

And no, it wasn't nice- there's not a lot of difference between 99* and 100*, after all. (OH, excuse me - 98*. *I* can't tell...)
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