August 24th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Field Trip time!

Today was our first field trip of the year (well, the year being since BOTH kids came home to school). We did school, then my mother came over and we hit the Dallas Museum of Art - they have a visiting exhibit of American Indian Art. It was...smaller than I expected, but FANTASTIC. We want to hit the Genghis Khan exhibit next week - we'll see. I have the feeling that time is running out......I mean, duh!,'s unsettling.

Hearth, your pictures were SPOT ON, but I couldn't "see" it. Mom picked up the top and facing, and SHOWED me what you tried to say, and - I think I got it. I hope - on the way home we hit JoAnn's and..umm....I have fabric for 4 more tops now. :lol: Yup, they'll all the be same style, but different fabrics. I don't care - I LOVE this pattern, and I like the fabrics I bought, so it's all good.

Yesterday was a sewing day. I got the wall-hanging top done (except for the details on the last goat), I got the "everyday" placemats pin-basted to the quilted backing, and I unvented a sewing machine cover for my machine - I had a LOT of the quilted fabric left over (I knew I didn't need 2 yards of $12/yard fabric, but the sales girl told me 1.5 wouldn't be enough for 6 placemats.'s 60" fabric - I'd'a had PLENTY. I still have roughly .5 yards left - so 1 yard would have been just enough for the placemats.) I'm hoping to get the final borders on the top tonight - but it may be tomorrow. Looks like rain - and if it DOES rain, I plan on running outside and DANCING in it.

I also got some fabric for shorts today...we'll see how THAT goes. It ought to be pretty easy - shorts are basically bloomers, after all - and I can bang those out all day long, with no pattern. This pattern is pretty basic - pull-ons, rather than button-fly, and simple cuffed legs.

Elul is coming up...and things are heating up, Earth-wise. This is going to get interesting, I think!