August 26th, 2011

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Aargle bargle.....

Been busy. Finished blouse #2 yesterday - ended up sewing the inside of the collar facing down by hand, because I could NOT see how to do it by machine. I cut out #3 yesterday - I'm doing the sleeveless version this time, to see if I can *get* what the collar is supposed to do. (I mean, I *know* what it's supposed to do, but *I* can't do it. It's the freaking curves of the blasted thing - I can do it if I only sew one facing on, but when I've attached the 2 (the "alligator mouth" :lol:) I can't get the stupid thing to sit right for me to machine-sew it.) No biggie - I need new tops, and sleeveless is THE way to go right now (day 56+ of 100+ temps. Not in a row, no (because of the ONE day of freaking rain drops that we got...:grrrr:) - it's good. Just tedious.

I have the goat wall-hanging top done, and pin-basted to the backing and batting. I even have - gasp! - pictures for you!

Yes, it was hanging on the wall. I wanted to make sure that a) it was large enough to fit in the spot, without being too large and b) that the colors would work where I wanted to put it. Since the answers were Yes/Yes, we're good to go. :grin:

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My daughter is driving me nuts. Today was Review day in Math - we've been working on the SAME stuff all week; it's easy - estimation. She does NOT get it. :bangs head: I had to force her to start - once she started, she breezed thru it, but MAN! Getting her to even LOOK at the first problem was a battle. Next week we start pre-Algebra - I am NOT looking forward to this!

I need to get to work on blouse #3. And maybe #4. :lol: I finally found a pattern my husband approved of, so I'll be churning out shirts for him soon (Folkwear #102, the French Cheesemaker's Smock). He's picky.....This one combines nice, stylish looks with relative ease in sewing, so it's a win/win. Shorts are up next - he needs new ones badly (and so do I! Loose fences do a number on fabric!)