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August 30th, 2011


Yesterday sucked... 08:34 am
at work. I am supposed to work 8-12, every other Monday. Yesterday? I LEFT at 1:45. And the work still wasn't complete - coworker has a good 8 hours left to do on it. Contract decided that ALL the workers need to be direct-deposited...which wouldn't be a problem, except that the workers aren't employees, they're vendors. Which means you can't direct-deposit, you have to do online bill pay, which is a WHOLE 'nother ball o' wax. :sigh: Also add in the fact that the online site we use to bill out the work isn't working correctly (we're in 2 states, with different billing rates in each state. I have the rates input, the guys input their time correctly...and the site billed it out at state #1's rates, NOT state #2's...which are WAY different.) I've got a call (and email) in to see how to amend the invoice.....

And the kids didn't do their chores yesterday...but told me that they had. :bangs head:

They're outside right now, while it's "cool", doing them. We'll start school in a bit. :big sigh:

Today we're expecting the exterminator and a repairman......yea. Can't wait.......
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