September 1st, 2011

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

A bit of sewing advice:

When you aren't sure about what size you need in a particular company's pattern, and you cut it out on the largest line, intending to fold it under on the size you *think* you are, per the measurement chart, be SURE you fold ALL the pieces to the same size. :bangs head:

According to McCall's, I need to cut out size 14. Simplicity claims I am a I decided to cut out the largest size, and *fold* the pattern pieces to the 14 - that way, if I *do* need to use the 16, I'd have it. (And, by the same token, if I turned out to need an even larger size, I'd have them, too - I don't always trust my measurements. It's hard to measure yourself properly.)

It would have been fine, except I cut out the back neck facing size 14 (each size has it's own facing), then I folded every other piece to the 16. :sigh:

Turns out, I AM a 14. The top is lovely, but too big - it's a tent. (I realized what I had done as I was cutting out the I took VERY generous seam allowances to try and take it up as I assembled it. Didn't quite work) I can save it - I am going to make a fake button-tab (think the back of the old English Pea Coats, here) and gather the back with it.

It also helps to actually READ the instructions - especially when the pattern is for both a tunic AND a dress......I cut the dress length instead of the tunic length. :sigh:

It turned out lovely, even so. I'll get photos once I fix the size-problem. :grin:

I will say that McCall's seems to have better instructions than Simplicity - at least, according to my experience with the 2 patterns. I still can't figure out the facing instructions (it's me. I have 3 books on sewing, all 3 have the same basic instructions for neck facings, and all 3 confuse the heck out of me. Hearth's "alligator mouth" is the ONLY thing that has made sense to me, so I trash the instructions for the neck facings and do her way. Works for me!)

Weird dream last night - the moon got hit by an asteroid (which could happen - according to NASA, there's one in late Sept/early Oct (or thereabouts) that is on track to cross our orbit.) and got reduced in size by about half. LOTS of destruction did weird tides. I don't like dreams like that!