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September 2nd, 2011


Field Trip Report 03:40 pm
OK, so today we went to see the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Irving Arts Center. The commercials (and website) make it look small, and, well - sorta cheesy...it's NOT. TOTALLY not. Worth EVERY penny of the admission price!

It took us 1.5 hours to go thru - and we didn't tarry or watch all the videos. There was a ger (aka "yurt"), there were LOTS of artifacts, there was armor and clothing (both period and repro) AND...there was a mummy. And her burial clothing and goods. :boggle:

Both kids were engaged, and better behaved than the other homeschoolers there (y'all have NO IDEA how happy I am about that! Herself has a very hard time in public; she was a perfect angel! It was great!)

I bought the exhibit guide, because it has photos of everything on display. When we reach the Mongol Empire in our textbook, I can pull it out again.

On the way home, we hit one of Dallas' largest Fabric Outlets. :snicker: $100 later, I have: 6 yards white cotton shirting material (SG shirts), 3 yards green sand-washed SILK, 3 yards green marbled cotton, 3 yards green and blue cotton with Celtic Knotwork, 3.5 yards solid green cotton, 2 yards poly-blend with phoenix and dragon pattern (Herself) and 2.5 yards of mid-weight denim. The silk? $4.50/yard. It's "blemished" - the dye isn't level, but I can fix that by over-dyeing. ($4.50/yard. I'm gonna have a silk blouse soon!!!) Happy? You betcha - I can't beat those prices anywhere locally! We're going to go back to the area later and hit the other outlets.....just because. :lol:

My mother came by yesterday and gifted me with her entire thread collection. I am...boggling over that - probably 25 or 30 FULL spools of cotton/cotton-poly thread. Plus about 10 cones of serger cotton (and she says she'll find the attachment that lets you use it on a regular sewing machine). And elastic and bias tape. Yeah.....LOTS of stuff. Wonder what the Lord's trying to tell me?

I think we're about to lose Dusty. I've had him since he was 9 months old....he's now pushing 23? 24? Yesterday, we found him down in the paddock, in full sun, totally dehydrated and not wanting to move. We forced him up, forced 2 buckets of water down him, and hit him with the water hose. Today, he's...better, but he hasn't eaten much since yesterday morning, and the goober-head was standing half in, half out of the sun when we got home. He's drinking, though, and he's alert, but......I think he's almost ready to go. :sigh: and :sob: He's my bestest non-human buddy, and it's gonna hurt.
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