September 2nd, 2011

Firefly: OMG Yeah!

Field Trip Report

OK, so today we went to see the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Irving Arts Center. The commercials (and website) make it look small, and, well - sorta's NOT. TOTALLY not. Worth EVERY penny of the admission price!

It took us 1.5 hours to go thru - and we didn't tarry or watch all the videos. There was a ger (aka "yurt"), there were LOTS of artifacts, there was armor and clothing (both period and repro) AND...there was a mummy. And her burial clothing and goods. :boggle:

Both kids were engaged, and better behaved than the other homeschoolers there (y'all have NO IDEA how happy I am about that! Herself has a very hard time in public; she was a perfect angel! It was great!)

I bought the exhibit guide, because it has photos of everything on display. When we reach the Mongol Empire in our textbook, I can pull it out again.

On the way home, we hit one of Dallas' largest Fabric Outlets. :snicker: $100 later, I have: 6 yards white cotton shirting material (SG shirts), 3 yards green sand-washed SILK, 3 yards green marbled cotton, 3 yards green and blue cotton with Celtic Knotwork, 3.5 yards solid green cotton, 2 yards poly-blend with phoenix and dragon pattern (Herself) and 2.5 yards of mid-weight denim. The silk? $4.50/yard. It's "blemished" - the dye isn't level, but I can fix that by over-dyeing. ($4.50/yard. I'm gonna have a silk blouse soon!!!) Happy? You betcha - I can't beat those prices anywhere locally! We're going to go back to the area later and hit the other outlets.....just because. :lol:

My mother came by yesterday and gifted me with her entire thread collection. I am...boggling over that - probably 25 or 30 FULL spools of cotton/cotton-poly thread. Plus about 10 cones of serger cotton (and she says she'll find the attachment that lets you use it on a regular sewing machine). And elastic and bias tape. Yeah.....LOTS of stuff. Wonder what the Lord's trying to tell me?

I think we're about to lose Dusty. I've had him since he was 9 months old....he's now pushing 23? 24? Yesterday, we found him down in the paddock, in full sun, totally dehydrated and not wanting to move. We forced him up, forced 2 buckets of water down him, and hit him with the water hose. Today, he's...better, but he hasn't eaten much since yesterday morning, and the goober-head was standing half in, half out of the sun when we got home. He's drinking, though, and he's alert, but......I think he's almost ready to go. :sigh: and :sob: He's my bestest non-human buddy, and it's gonna hurt.