September 4th, 2011

me: portrait

So. Tired....

because I borked my left wrist again. :sigh: I jammed it yesterday trying to put the back seat of the truck up, then I bashed it against the soap holder in the shower this AM. It's numb, it's swollen, and it HURTS. I slept in fits-n-starts....which weren't helped by the murder/violent deaths in my dreams. :sigh:

School: Himself will be DONE with Singapore 6B by Friday, meaning he'll start their middle/high school series next week. The same series Herself is in (Ch. 4) I foresee him bypassing her pretty quickly......this is going to get interesting.

Dusty: Seems to be doing better. We went to the Farmer's Market yesterday, and picked up a 2 lb bag of baby carrots. They're a little...squishy...for my taste, but I didn't buy them for *us* - I bought them to tempt Dusty's appetite. It worked - he's scarfed down half the bag! :whew: I'm still worried about him - his age is a HUGE factor here - but he's acting like he feels better.

Sewing: I finished top #6 - you know what, pictures make things better. Collapse )

Coworker's Mother had a stroke yesterday. Any prayers would be HIGHLY appreciated, by both me and Cynthia.