September 5th, 2011

Calvin: Faces

Happy Holiday!

Except for *my* kids, who do school anyway. (All 2 hours of it. They have it SO HARD, y'al!) (And yes, we cover everything - I only have 2 kids, we've combined almost every class, so it goes quickly.)

I am a gimp. I am pretty sure my left foot is broken - about 5 weeks ago I was hanging out the laundry, and I fell into one of the dogs' holes. :sigh: Felt a "pop" in my left foot...and it's been in pain ever since. Yesterday, I was in the goat pen, communing with my girls, and I stepped on a 3" mesquite spike. :OW: It went into the bottom of my right arch about 1"....and yes, it HURTS. A LOT. :sigh: Lots of blood, was quite the spectacular owie.

Another (free!) sewing hint: When you buy a pattern for something you already know how to make (i.e.: shorts), because you screwed up in the cutting of a pair, and decided to "play it safe", but you decide that, since you KNOW how to make these (because you've made a bazillion pairs of Ren-Faire bloomers, which are basically the SAME thing, only longer) you're going to trash the instructions......make sure you READ them first. Because not everybody makes shorts/bloomers the way *you* do.

This pattern has 2 front pieces, and 2 back pieces. I don't use outside seams on my bloomers, but hey - it's not hard to figure out, right? Right?

You'd think.....only, when you sew up the outside seam, you need to make sure you attach a FRONT to a BACK...not the 2 fronts and 2 backs to themselves. :bangs head: (They were PERFECT French Seams, y'all. PERFECT. SG cut them out for me, because I was too upset with myself.) (I couldn't figure out why the crotch seams weren't lining up.....I mean, I sewed them together, the next step is the crotch, then the inseam.......I had to dig out the instructions and actually read them to see my error. :sigh:)

They're re-pinned now, just waiting on me to sit down and sew them back up. Later. :grin: