September 9th, 2011

me: spinning

Randomness for a Friday....

Let's see....we tried the first bottle (and 2nd) of homebrew last night. It's remarkably GOOD - which is why we cracked the 2nd bottle, to verify our findings. :lol: It's similar to Harp - a light, pale ale. He's already got 2 more ciders bubbling away (apple again, and orange. He's using a different yeast this time.), and is going to pick up supplies for a lager next payday. Hope the garage fridge is big enough for this!

Cynthia's mom is doing MUCH BETTER! Thanks for the prayers - she's supposed to be moved to rehab in the next day or so. It looks like only her speech was affected, which is good. Praise the Lord!!

Ali, a couple of posts ago, you mentioned you wanted to get your sewing machine out and learn. I have what is probably the easiest first project for you: Collapse )