September 13th, 2011

me: portrait

Is it still Tuesday???

:ugh: Been on the phone ALL morning long with - who else?- work. :mumble: I'm PART-TIME, dammit! Leave me alone!!!! :sigh: The good news is that we had finished everything but Herself's music lesson when the first call came......I was able to do her before the *next* one came in. (I only do her in 15 minute spurts - she simply can't handle a full 30 minute lesson. She'd go bonkers if I tried to do a REAL lesson - 1 hour - so, I've settled for 15 minutes. She'll still learn, albeit slower than "normal").

Needless to say, I have a raging headache. :sigh:

AH, well - I did get the laundry done. Tried something new - I've been hanging SG's work shirts out on hangers, to prevent shoulder "dimples". Today, I hauled out all the empties and hung the clothes on hangers as I pulled them off the line. Hey-presto, ALL the laundry is put up properly, instead of sitting in the basket until I get around to it. :happy:

Dusty is doing MUCH better. He's napping outside the hay barn right now - and he's STANDING. This is big - he's been laying down for his naps; adult horses generally don't lay down much. The fact that he's sleep-standing is great! And his appetite's almost back to normal, too. We've decided to just let him be for now - he's not hurting anything, and this way Finn can't bother him. Eventually, we'll put Finn in with the girls (he's been de-boyed, so he can't breed anybody!) and get Dusty back in his pasture - the goats are right there for company for him, and I can always "give" him a pet goat if he needs one.

I need to get back to work on the kitty quilt....I started it with a bang, but haven't touched it since Saturday. :shrug: I tend to work in fits-n-starts anyway, so it's no biggie.

Oh! Finally got my copy of "Black Ships Before Troy" today - it's a retelling of the Illiad by Rosemary Sutcliff. FANTASTIC book! We were trying to slog thru the "real" Illiad (one of the Classics from Gutenburg) and....well, it wasn't going so well. Long-winded, not much action....BoRiNg!

This? I read Chapter 1 during lunch, and both kids were into it. We'll be reading a chapter a day, to get thru it....don't know what we'll read next, but this is a good version if you want to read it. B&N has it for $6.17; members get free "expedited" shipping (it took....9 days. Granted, I ordered on a Sunday (1), and Monday was a holiday (2), but...a week for "expedited" shipping is a bit silly.)

I think I have the comments at DW open to everyone now.....I hope, anyway!