September 14th, 2011

me: portrait


Herself made a *90* on her Chapter 4 "test" in Math!!!!!! It would have been 100, but I had to take off because she reversed one answer (algebraic notation; she subtracted the wrong way. The answer was 5d - c2(squared); she wrote it c2(squared) - 5d. The other one, she put + instead of -. Minor errors, but still.....She GETS Math!!!!!!

Been thinking about RH this year...all the signs are pointing to this being It...we've seen the first 6 Seals, we're just about to see the Wrath begin - and all SORTS of people are mentioning it. Jewish sages, especially. I don't know what's gonna happen (I mean, I *do*, but is it "Rapture-as-the-church-teaches", or something more like Noah?)...but something WILL. I don't...I just have a feeling. Usually, I am updating my letter, I'm getting everything in order..this year? I don', I guess.

I had the thought that I needed to take photos of the goats, and label them...but I can't do it. Today, I thought I'd write out the milking procedure...and can't. I don't know if it doesn't matter, or what...but that's where I am right now.

Prayers would be appreciated - we have heavy cloud cover right now. I'd like rain - but I'd REALLY like it to rain where the fires are. We need it, yes...but not as bad as they do.

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