September 15th, 2011

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Homeschoolers - have a link!

We're doing Singapore Math. When you get past the elementary books (excuse me - Primary books :snerk:), you get 2 choices - NEM, or DM. (New Elementary Mathematics, or Discovering Mathematics). Both sets cover the same things, but in different orders/levels of difficulty. I chose DM, because it "looks" more friendly - which Herself needed. (By the time you finish all 4 levels (8 books), you're ready for Calculus. It's an integrated curriculum - you don't do Algebra, then Algebra 2, then Geometry, etc - you do it all at the same time, as it "makes sense". No chance of forgetting something that you need later this way. :grin:)

Anyway. Singapore recommends that you download a program called "Geometer's Sketchpad". I looked at it....$69.95 for a SINGLE copy. You can get a "student's" version for $29.95....not sure it has everything, but still - you can put it on 3 computers, but you can only use it on 1 at a time.

I need to be able to use it on 2 at a time - I can foresee a time when both kids will be at a point that they both need it.....but I can't afford $60 (or $140!)

I joined the Singapore forums (for a different reason - I'm trying to find a schedule for DM's in the Teacher's Guide, but I can't spend $30/guide - there's 2/year. $60 PER YEAR for the guide. I...there's 4 years....$240 for the teacher's manuals, just for schedules. Can't do that!) - someone mentioned Geogebra as a substitute for Geometer's Sketchpad.

I checked it out - it's FREE. From what I understand, some of the commands are different, but - FREE. Unlimited use, from what I can tell - I have it on my MacBook, on the kids' mini-Mac, and a portable copy on my external harddrive.

Himself's been playing with it this morning - said it's "Cool! When do we get to use it?" :lol:

I don't know if any of y'all'll need this, but I was happy to find it! (And, if you need a scientific calculator, Wal-Mart has TI ones for UNDER $20. They have the more expensive ones, too - but these have everything we need. Just wanted to pass that one on, too!)

Gotta go start school - we start at 9 now, to give Herself's meds time to work.

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*I* need an attitude adjustment...

yes, ME, not Herself this time. :sigh:

I've been cleaning the Master Bedroom. Cleaning is when the Lord and I - mostly me - talk...and I have a bad attitude right now. I am ready to leave everything and follow Him - I am! really! - burns me that if things play out the way the church teaches, I'll be leaving all my preps for someone else.

I am suffering from Ant syndrome (you know, from Aesop's fable, the Grasshopper and the Ant?).

I've done all this work - willingly! - to prep, doing everything He prompted me to do....and if the Rapture is the way the church teaches, I'll be leaving all of it for someone who refused to listen. More than likely, someone who claims to be chrischun, but who wasn't watching or listening...and it's really pissing me off. :sigh:

I KNOW what they're in for. I KNOW it's not going to be easy, and that my preps will be a blessing.....but that doesn't help my attitude, especially when I imagine who'll probably end up here. (Family member, probably - IF they're smart enough to drop their stupid prejudices about country living and get their butts OUT here, and IF they're even smarter and STAY here. Frankly, I have my doubts...but it's not my problem.) I am worried about the critters - if they stay, too, then whoever gets the house will get them. Even if I do leave detailed notes for whoever, they won't care about the critters like we have....and *that* bothers me.

I know I don't need to worry - the Lord will take care of things.....but my attitude sucks right now. I KNOW I need to work on that.....but today is just...I guess it's just not a good day.

I'm working on it....but right now? My attitude is worse than Herself's.....:sigh:

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