September 18th, 2011

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Yesterday was glorious, so we went to the Dallas Arboretum. I.....well, I'm glad we paid thru Ft. Worth - while the Dallas one is slightly "better", they charge $7.00 for parking. Even though they're a "non-profit". And we have an annual membership. Ft. Worth is FREE parking for everyone.....yeah, I'm miffed at that. Annual memberships are like $90-ish (family) to have to fork out an extra $7 EVERY time you go? Sucks. was beautiful. I LOVE the way it's laid out; it used to be a private residence that was donated to the City for an Arboretum. Beautiful fountains and landscaping and architecture.....and lots and lots of primitive footpaths.

That were damp and muddy yesterday...and I slipped. Twisted my - of course! - left ankle and jammed my foot. Again. :sigh: I can't walk on it now.....and yesterday was murder.

Because after we left the Arboretum, we went to the mall so SG could get his iPhone replaced. We went in the wrong door...and had to walk the ENTIRE mall to find the stupid store. :sigh: (Good news is that the phone was still under warranty, so there was no problems with the exchange.)

Didn't sleep last night, because of the pain. :bigger sigh:

Let's see...oh! We started watching the webisodes of "The Guild" starring Felicia Day (Penny from Dr. Horrible!!). It's FUNNY, but....a LOT of adult concepts, and profanity. It's about a group of gamers (it's not stated, but the game is a WOW clone. :lol: "Like Halo, but I get to wear prettier costumes!") and the stuff they get into. Hysterical! (Yes, we let the kids watch. A lot of it goes over their heads, what doesn't isn't that bad. IMO, of course. They've been exposed to a lot worse a public school.)

Gotta go bulldoze Herself's room....NOT looking forward to that!

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