September 19th, 2011

me: portrait

Rain, glorious Rain!

We were awakened last night at 10:30 by the tornado siren going off. We've lived here since 2003...and I've NEVER heard the siren. NEVER.

Needless to say, we all got up and huddled around the weather station to see what was going on. BIG thunderstorm had formed and was dumping TONS of water on us. :happy - but scared - dance: We ended up getting a little over 1.5" - which was DESPERATELY needed.

At about 11, SG and I ran outside to put the poor, soaking wet bucklings in the barn (in the kidding area) - we were worried about the stability of their shelter in the high winds. They were wet, miserable, but fine - but SG fell trying to get out the pen. He's OK...just sore. His clothes are muddy, but hey - we got RAIN!!!!!

Poor Dusty's an idiot - instead of cozying up in the hay barn, he was standing miserably by the pasture gate, mumbling about the indignity of it all. We drug him into the hay barn, where he perked up and started munching. :silly horse:

And - I just looked outside...ALL the does have jumped their fence and are wandering around the back. :sigh: Gotta go fix fences!!

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