September 20th, 2011

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It was a BAD morning....

Bad. Herself woke up in a HORRID mood.....not too surprising, since the dogs ate her sleeping meds last week (for the 2nd day she'll learn to NOT leave the bottles near the edge of the table. :sigh:) It was bad enough that I called SG, told him to "play along", and pretended it was the school superintendent ( not proud of this. However, if YOU had been here, you'd probably have done the same thing).

Of course, once the Vyvance hit, she was back to sweetness'n'light....:sigh:

She had a psychiatrist appointment today......he ASKED her to PLEASE add the Adderall back in. (SHE decided, with all her years of medical study, that she didn't NEED the Adderall, so buh-bye to it. :bangs head:) Thing is, Adderall kicks in within 10-15 minutes; the Vyvance can take up to 45 minutes (or longer!) to start. I HATE medicating her, but honestly - *I* can't cope when she's not on her meds. SHE can't cope......and believe me, we've tried almost everything. Diet, changing routine (Never Again.).....this is the only way she can deal with the world at large without someone knocking the crap out of her.

She was terrific once we hit the road to go to the doc. :big sigh:

On the way home, we stopped for lunch.....and, oh, lookie - Half Price Books! :lol: I only got 1 book - "A Diversity of Dragons" by Anne McCaffrey. I was looking for "The Wanderings of Odysses" by Rosemary Sutcliff - her "Black Ships Before Troy" is FANTASTIC. If you want to read the Illiad to your kids, do whatever you have to do to find a copy of it. Seriously! It's rated Young Adult; I think that even one as young as 5 could be read it - all the elements are there, in her absolutely wonderful literary style, but it's not all gore and blood and guts. Himself told me yesterday that "This book is actually pretty good, Mom!" - which for him, is High Praise, indeed. :lol: (And she doesn't make a huge deal about the greek gods, like some of the versions do. Herself commented "Mom, the gods are like bumbling people, aren't they?" which is a good way to put it.)

I got a beta-version of a new Mac Homeschool program...I've never been a beta-tester before, so this should be fun! :lol: I've downloaded it, and added our school info - it's pretty easy (like most native-Mac programs are), and I like what I've seen. Right now, I'm using Planbook for Lesson Plans, and Gradebook for gradekeeping....they work, but I HATE having to use 2 programs; I HATE having to type the classes in twice - I have a hard time *remembering* to do it. :sigh: (And Gradebook had a bit of a learning curve for me; you can't just type in the classes. I had to actually *read* the manual to figure out how to input each day's stuff - oh, and you have to have a separate file for EACH class. The beta program looks a little bit like HomeSchool Tracker.....we'll see. (Should we be here long enough. :wink:)

7 days to RH. LOTS of stuff going down......the big one (IMO) is the UN vote on the 23rd. If it goes the way I'm pretty sure it will, there WILL be Divine wrath. Put on your seatbelts, because it's about to get nasty out there! (The vote, for those who don't keep up with the rest of the world, is about forcing Israel back to 1947's borders, and for Palestine to get their "own" nation. Umm......yeah. I'm not going to get into it here, but Israel has a deed (the Torah) dating from LONG before Palestine was even thought of.......just sayin'.)

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