September 21st, 2011

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No sleep last night - the coyotes were out, and close to the barn. About 1 - 1:30 we went out to make sure the bucklings were OK. They were; Dusty had decided to camp out by the fence - I guess he wanted to protect them or something.

Herself has had a good morning - we refilled her sleep meds, so that helped. She also took the Adderall - which ALSO helped. :nods:

We watched Season 3 of "The Guild" last night......whoa. FULL of f*bombs and other bad language. Wil Wheaton is in it - he's the Axis of Anarchy guild leader, and he's funny, but......the language! I'm not to concerned, usually - it's just words, after all - but........the story line is now more focused on what's going on in the players real-life, not just in-game. They added a "new" player - the husband of one of the originals. Total Noob - and it's hysterical. (He starts playing so he and his wife can spend "quality time" together. :snicker:) I still like the show, but can't fully recommend it without reservations. (You can watch it for free on You Tube - look for user "watchtheguild". It IS funny - funnier if you know any gamers. It also reinforces why *I* don't game - I would get sucked into it.)

Gotta get stuff together so we can start school.....:yawn: Next week will be basically Nothing - it's RH (Tuesday.....or Thursday, if you go by the calendar instead of the moon cycle). We'll do light schooling thru the 10 Days of Awe (should we be here), then more light schooling thru Sukkot (again, Lord willing). We'll pick back up again after that......not only does it give the kids a break, it gives me time to get Lesson Plans hammered out. :grin:

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