September 23rd, 2011

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Holy Moly!

There was apparently a 2.5 earthquake near Ft. Worth last night. Granted - that's a small 'un, but *we* don't GET earthquakes! That's the 2nd one this year....and this time? It's not near the active drilling areas of the Barnett Shale (that I know of.) The last one they blamed on the drilling....but I don't think that's the case here. (Maybe there's been some..but not much. MOST of the drilling has been around Ft. Worth, not 40 miles away.)

We're due a GREAT earthquake (Rev 6:12-14)....all I can think of is that this is setting things up for that. Texas just doesn't have any active faults....I think there's one long-dormant one that runs from OK down to the Gulf (because I remember the OK City bombing; I was in a high-rise in Dallas (30th floor) and we felt the tremors. We were told it was because of that dormant fault.)

Haven't heard much on the fires......they seem to have quit the coverage. That's....odd.

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Dentist visit....

for Herself was today. Her first "real" dental visit - we've never had decent insurance before now (seriously. My work's insurance was "pay up front, if we agree we'll send you something back. Maybe." SG's is FANTASTIC, but it wasn't until late last year/early this year that we got added to it.).

She is 14. NO CAVITIES. AT ALL. :happy dance: (Must be the Asberger's. She was taught how to brush by a dentist at her preschool, and I guess her Aspie tendencies took over.) She does need I'll call the orthodontist NEXT week (should we be here) and make an appointment.

Himself needs to go, but he freaked out last time we tried to take I need to call a pediatric specialist. He's been before - but he inherited his paternal grandfather's sucky, weak teeth......had to have 2 broken teeth extracted a few years ago, and he's never gotten over that. :sigh: THAT'S not going to be fun.

I have an appointment with an ortho Tuesday for my foot. Wish they could see me sooner, but ah, well. I want to be able to sleep pain-free again!

Got the ThinkGeek order in - the slide rule. It's cool - but the catalog is cooler. It's been kidnapped by both kids, who are happily making lists. :lol:

The calzone dough is being kneaded as we type. I need to get up and get to cleaning.......:lol:

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side!

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