September 25th, 2011

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No sleep last night. There is NOTHING on TV after 10 PM. The comic shows are vulgar and suck, the "news" shows are depressing, and PBS was showing mostly documentaries I'd already seen. :sigh: Tried to nap today - not happening. :bigger sigh:

Next week is a school holiday. We'll keep up our Bible readings, but we're skipping the rest. Should we be here, we'll school during the 10 Days of Awe, then be off for Yom Kippur, then school until Sukkot - we'll be off all 8 days of that. *Then* we'll pick back up "for real". (If we're not here, well...:wink:)

I'm in the middle of "Pride and Prejudice" for the umpteenth time. It's the only thing I can settle doesn't need much concentration. :sigh:

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Hearth, know how you were talking about "balloons" the other day? Well.....a LARGE one just landed here.

When I bought this property in 2003, I had looked at the parcel next door first. 9 acres, already set up with a septic/driveway/electric/water...but I was a single mom of 2 and simply couldn't take CARE of 9 acres. This property was only 5 - and Yah had thistles blooming on either side of the gate (and they've NEVER bloomed again. 1st DH and I had a "thing" about I took it as a sign.)

Anyway, since I married SG, I've been fretting over NOT buying the larger parcel. It was $10K more - which was not a problem; I would simply have had to wait on flooring in the house. But.....HE wants more land. We NEED more land - 26 goats and 7 horses have pushed our 5 acres to the limit. In fact, for the past year - year and a half we've spent at least 1 weekend a month driving around, just looking at what's being offered for sale, and watching prices. I do NOT want to move - Yah put me *here*, he provided this house, I don't wanna move - but I would have if He had led us to someplace "perfect".

Now, my neighbor has been more than kind - he told me when he moved in, back in 2004, to treat the back 9 acres of his as MINE, so my mares have been over there more than they've been over here. I'd been mowing it for him until last year - the horses keep the weeds down but don't do a thing for the mesquite trees. We sometimes let the goats out for a few hours, but we don't dare leave them unattended because of the loose dogs/coyotes we have out here.

As of today.....well.....we went over there to pick up some firewood he was giving us. (He had the utility company cut down a LARGE tree that was about to collapse on his power lines, but he didn't want the wood. It was a HUGE tree - we filled the truck bed to the TOP and there's still another load for us over there) Anyway, while we were loading up the truck, he asked us.......if we wanted to BUY the back 9 acres from him. :boggle:

Needless to say, we said YES, Please - set up a payment plan!

Ummmm......I don't know what this week will bring....but Yah just handed me 9 more acres. I will leave them in a heartbeat if He calls...but........I keep thinking Balloons. Big balloons........

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