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September 27th, 2011


Mazel Tov! 08:50 am
Rosh Ha'shanah begins today at Sundown. According to my widget, the New Moon was at 5 AM this morning - but yesterday it told me that the New Moon would occur at 6:15 AM, and then it told me it would occur at 7:00 AM....so, who knows? :wink:

We have a brisket in the smoker for our Feast tonight. The Sabbath tablecloth is clean and pretty much wrinkle-free. I will use my smaller embroidered cloth on top of the Sabbath one (because it's a FEAST, that's why!), and we'll use the fine china. I need to get some challah started - I have a 1:20 doc. appt, so I'm trying to figure out the timing.

I probably won't post again until this weekend - should we be here. The calendar says RH begins Thursday evening.....but it goes by the New Moon, so - the calendar's wrong. Still - we're to do no work...so that means no computer for me. :grin: (Better get my work-work done today, then...HA! Don't ask.....I'm not a happy camper right now.)

Need to go check the brisket - Mazel Tov!

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