September 29th, 2011

me: portrait

Quick Update...

Doc - no broken bones. Looks to be a soft tissue injury; doc thinks I've torn something. He suggested stretches (which burn and HURT, thanks!) and gel heel cups (change the angle of my feet just enough that it HURTS worse. That was $7 wasted!) - Upshot: Doc visit was a waste of time.

Spent yesterday taking photos of the goats and getting pages set up for them in our Herdbook. Fun stuff!

New project: Bought fabric for a Queen-size quilt for the Master bedroom. Pattern is "Midnight Jewels" by Hoffman Fabrics; my colorway is Burgundy, Green, and blue. The fabric is lovely - can't wait to start on it.

RH started last night, per the Jewish calendar - but it doesn't start until TONIGHT according to my Feast books. That's 3 "starting" nights.......we're keeping the festive tablecloth on until Saturday, and we're using the Sabbath table settings as well. Makes the whole house feel festive, so - it's cool.

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