September 30th, 2011

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This is getting weird. I *know* where we are, prophetically. I *know* that the Wrath is about to start - probably (I'm thinking) around YK this year (since YK = Judgement Day). So...why am I getting presents? :grin:

Today was odd. I had planned on running some errands this AM...but Herself got a HUGE splinter under her fingernail this morning that I couldn't get out, so we had to find a doctor. The local one wasn't going to be in until 2, and Herself was in Hysterics (I KNOW she has issues - sensitivity is one. I also know that I am NO judge of pain - it has to be a normal person's 6+ before it registers to me, so I try to be understanding...but it was a SPLINTER. Yes, it hurt - but screaming fits when you'd look at the finger? I don't get it...), so we headed to the closest Minute Clinic (35 miles). THEY couldn't touch it - they aren't allowed any "digging" off to PrimaCare we went.

2 hours and a dose of Lidocaine later, the splinter (1 cm long, and about .25 cm thick) was out. Since we were in Town, I decided to hit Half Price. :lol: I had found a few books....then I heard a salesperson tell another customer "Oh, the Clearance area is over *there*" Clearance? At Half Price? I headed over - and found balloons.

The ENTIRE set of "The Young Folks Set of Books" - 10 volumes, hardback, full of stories and myths and tall-tales. The kind of stuff that *I* ate up as a kid, and got my imagination flowing. Robin Hood. King Arthur. Pecos Bill. The Minotaur. Stuff like that - for $1/book.

After my discount....all 10 books for $9. :happy dance:

Now, Himself is at the oldest end of what these books are aimed at, I we'll go thru them and I'll re-home them - but WHAT A FIND!!!! (Thank you Lord!!)

I didn't plan on buying $50 in books...but how could I NOT buy these? (And the other $40? 2 homeschooling, 1 "get into college almost free" book, 2 Austen-like fictions, and 1 book of paper models. ALL at good prices....and I can't NOT buy books.)

So..that's 2 sets of balloons recently. I don't know what's up....but I have Faith. (Remember the parable of the 10 virgins.....He tarries. :nods:) I don't mind - I like presents! - but I am wondering about the timing. Not complaining, though!

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side, Lord willing!

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