October 4th, 2011

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1. Sutcliff's "Black Ships Before Troy" is wonderful. We had tried to slog thru the Gutenberg version of the Illiad, but both kids were bored and uncomprehending. I pulled Sutcliff's out this AM, and told them we had to read multiple chapters to get caught up (because we took last week off) and HIMSELF (who is "off" reading right now) told me "Oh! That's great, because this book is SO Interesting!" :blink:

1a. I ordered Sutcliff's "Wanderings of Odysseus", "Tristan and Isolde", and "Beowulf". We'll do Odysseus next, then Beowulf (to get the Anglo-Saxon version of myth), then move on into the Courtly Love stage.

1b. I have - somewhere - some paraphrases of Seigfreid and Brunhilde, and some of the Celtic myths (Morgan Llewellen ROCKS the Celtic mythology.) If I can find them, I'll work them in before Tristan and Isolde.

1c. I REALLY can't wait to get to King Arthur! :grin:

2. Started cutting the fabric for our quilt yesterday. Got the first 3 fabrics done, will try to get the other 5 done today. Tomorrow I can start piecing...maybe.

3. Work is driving me NUTS. :sigh:

4. The Torah Class e-books are available in .pdf now. They went live on Friday, but there were...glitches. I had to reorder them today, because they couldn't find my order so I could download them. :shrug: The refund came thru quickly - but after I had reordered. :lol: Ah, well - I use Paypal ALL the time, so it's no big deal.

4a. The books look good....we'll start them Monday, I think. Genesis is scheduled for 21 weeks (I think - maybe it's 27? Whatever...) There's reviews at the end of each Chapter, and a Test every 3rd Chapter. I'm hoping it's as in-depth as the "real" Torah Class is!

5. Rangers game started at 1. GO RANGERS!!!!!!

6. There is no 6.

7. The curried chicken Sunday went over WELL....except I was told it needed more curry. OK...I followed the recipe exactly, but hey - I can add more next time. :nods:

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