October 12th, 2011

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It's Raining, it's Pouring...

and we're LOVING it! Even the fact that the dogs are dragging mud in all over everything isn't fazing me - it's RAINING!!!! 1.5" so far - it's fantastic!

We took Kenzie and Bailey to the vet this AM - she's got an ear infection and he needed to be shaved. Kenzie did VERY well - much to my surprise! - no barking, no growling, no widdling - just mild whining. We'll be taking Bree up there when we go to pick up Bailey - she's due for all her shots, so...why not. I just hope my Jeep is up to hauling both BIG dogs home. :grin:

I want to work on the quilt, but don't want to start until after we pick up Bailey...so I guess I'll knit. :nods:

Rangers lead the ALCS 2-1....first pitch is at 3:09 today. GO RANGERS!!!!! (Again!!!!!) :lol:

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Boosting the signal

OK, I don’t normally “do” political posts…but this takes the cake. I’ve seen it ALL over my FL today, and I think it needs another boost.

Daily Kos has a good write-up on it.

Elizabeth Moon, a pretty good S/F writer, speaks up here. (I don't always agree with everything Elizabeth writes, but I do agree with this post in it's entirety. Yes, I'm surprised too! :wink:)

Look, I am neither pro-life, nor am I anti-abortion. I fully believe that it’s a decision that’s between a woman and Yah. Yes, the father/sperm donor should have a say….but sometimes that’s not possible. I can see both sides of the argument – rape? Incest? What if a pregnancy puts the mother’s life in danger? (I have an online friend who went thru this…..her Rabbi told her that if she didn’t terminate the pregnancy, she was violating Torah – I don’t remember all the specifics, but it seems that if she had continued to carry the fetus, she had a very high probability of dying (and the fetus was non-viable, anyway) – and that was, basically, her allowing the fetus to murder her. Or something like that – it wasn’t something she OR the Rabbi (OR her husband - and they had been trying to conceive another child for YEARS) entered into lightly.)

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control, and I don't think it's something that should be top of the list when an "oops" pregnancy occurs. It's a major decision and should be treated as such - BY the people it directly affects.....NOT some government faction that has no real tangible interest in the people that are making such a decision.

Laws like this should NOT be passed. The ramifications.....one thing no one's mentioned yet - sometimes, you miscarry before you even realize you've been pregnant. WHO, then, will make the determination that it's a normal period, or proof of an illegal miscarriage? I mean.....I know that this argument was used a few years ago to block a less-intensive anti-abortion bill.....

I have no right to tell you what to do with your body, not do you have that right in regard to me. I will accept your decision, and even support you/lend a sympathetic ear, no matter what – but I can not make that decision for you. And the government CERTAINLY has no right to FORCE me to make a decision of this type. MY body, MY decision - YOUR body, YOUR decision.

It's that simple.

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