October 14th, 2011

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Sometimes, our State does things right...

or, almost right. Don't know about any news coverage - heck, WE wouldn't have known about this if we hadn't gone joy-riding today.......anyway - seems our State is worried about the farmers, so they're giving away Crap hay. Free. As much as you can haul.

Granted - it's CRAP. Stuff *I* refuse to feed my horses and goats....but. FREE. If we were hurting for hay, you betcha I'd be in line to load up.

We needed to get a new sledgehammer so SG could split some of our logs for firewood. Home Depot is the cheapest place around.......and the street was PACKED. And the State Hwy leading to the street was backed up. I've NEVER seen that before.......the line went up the street (about a quarter mile); around Home Depot, back DOWN the street (call it a good half-mile - it's a BIG Home Depot, and they were wrapped around the back of the building, down the side, and down the front of it) and back down the street to McCoy's (another hardware store - HD plays naughty. We try to frequent McCoy's as much as possible, even though a) they don't carry as much and b) they're more expensive, just on principle). We noticed a TON of icky-looking hay, and a guy on a tractor loading up trailers and trucks....so, SG asked the HD cashier.

FREE. It'd be crap even if it wasn't old and dark - but cows'll eat it, and it'll help the farmers a little. Maybe we'll be able to salvage some beef on the hoof after our HORRIBLE summer.......maybe.

In other news, SG's work just bought him a new iPad2...and his boss told him to give his iPad1 to *me*. :giggle: I'll be downloading a lot of educational apps for it - that way I won't need to haul my MacBook around with me (I do use it a lot for schooling stuff.....now I don't have to print as much off.)

I am a little......freaked? about all the sudden "gifts" that keep popping up. Happy, yes - but freaked, too. I'm not used to being blessed this much, all at once.

But, to balance it - at the Fair yesterday, we picked up a TON of acorns. The does LOVE acorns - to the point they'll maul you to get them of your pockets. I treated a bunch yesterday, then went into the barn to help get the milkers on the stand, and decided - foolishly - to hand out more noms thru the hay rack. Rosa managed to smash my right hand into the wire...and I honestly think my pinky is damaged. It hurts all the way from the middle knuckle down to my wrist; it's slightly swollen and numb. :sigh: That's what I get for trying to spoil my girls!

Oh - and anyone need some dairy or cashmere goats? Our breeder/mentor friends need to scale back - this summer has been really bad for them. I don't think we can take many more......they're all quality animals, and her prices are pretty reasonable. Don't know what shipping would be - but they're well worth the cost.

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