October 17th, 2011

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Monday Meaderings....

1. I LOVE that my husband "gave" me his old iPad. It's going to be used primarily for school - about 80% - and I've already downloaded a bunch of free educational apps. We used it today for Latin - I had downloaded all the mp3 commentaries on our book ("Getting Started with Latin" - inexpensive, great, short lessons, and FREE mp3's - what's not to like? :grin:), but didn't know what to do with them. I didn't want them on my phone, it's a hassle to haul the MacBook to the table (yeah, I know - whine, whine, whine) but the iPad is just so easy to haul around. The kids enjoyed listening to the files, and we corrected our pronunciation.

2. I figured out how to easily put books on the iPad - I use Calibre (free!) to organize all the epubs and pdfs I have. Using it to put books on the iPad is a long, drawn-out process - 4 printed out pages, in fact. :ugh: Emailing the files to myself only works if the files aren't too large. Well....I had forgotten that Apple uses the "KISS" theory in most of their programming.

I had drag-and-dropped the Latin mp3s into iTunes. Not sure if that's a "proper" way to do it, but it works....and it got me thinking - why not try it with the books? I opened iTunes, opened the "Books" tab, then opened another window where the books were (Calibre has them all neatly in a folder called "Calibre Library" :snicker:) - I dragged the ones I wanted over, they seemed to be there, so I sync'd up the iPad - voila! I have books! :happy dance: It worked with both epubs and pdfs, so now I need to go thru and figure out *which* books need to be on the "educational" tablet. :lol:

3. Am still playing around with the beta-version of the Mac Homeschool Tracker program. It's...clunky right now. I can use it, but it's not pretty and easy like most Mac programs. (I know - whine, whine, whine again. Oy!) I don't like that I HAVE to set up Lesson Plans up front - it requires you to have a plan in place, then you go to the kid's page and drag and drop each assignment to the designated day. Clunky, because it's not set up like a calendar - it's a page with a grid on it, not a calendar page - and if you accidentally drag the wrong assignment to the wrong week, you have to drag it BACK into the list - you can't move it to the next week. :sigh:

And, the reports aren't set up yet, so I can't PRINT anything. THAT's a problem - I still have to use Planbook for my weekly lessons.....I like that the beta allows you to post grades, but if I can't print it doesn't do me much good. :sigh: If I can figure out how to get the Dell to see the printer, I might just spring for HST+ after all - it already DOES everything I want, it's set up.......:sigh: I want to stay on my Mac!!!

Ideally, there'd be a program that was like Planbook in the planning/scheduling arena, and would allow me to add grades to each assignment, for each kid, without having to re-type them. HST+ for Windows is perfect - but it's not for Mac. I want it ALL, baby! :lol:

4. It's a GORGEOUS day outside! Crisp, slightly cool, sunny.....PERFECT fall weather.

5. The Rangers are going to the World Series AGAIN!!!!!! :whoo whooooo: :sorry: :not really: :grin:

6. My cycle was weird this month - only 1 day, and VERY light. It's either a miracle or menopause (I'm 42 - almost 43, y'know.) Oddness.......(the Lord promised me a miracle years ago, and I am patiently waiting to see how He'll do it. Not worried.....there's a few ways I can see SG getting a son......so, I wait. :nods: HE'S in control, after all!)

7. Nothing to see here, I just wanted 7 entries. :lol:

Have a great day!!

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