October 23rd, 2011

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Staggering thru my day...

because, once again, I didn't sleep at all last night. No, not because of the pitiful way my Rangers played - it's ONLY a game, after all - but because I just couldn't turn. off. my. brain. :sigh:

On the plus side, I was awake for the humongous thunderstorm that rolled thru about 12:30. BIG storm - wind gusts up to 70 mph - and LOUD, rolling thunder. Heavy, heavy rain - we got about 2" - and lots of lightning. We *needed* it!

:sigh: I SWEAR, I am going to do bodily harm to Herself. School today, since I have to go into the office tomorrow. She's working on factoring - understand, we've been working on Chapter 5 since SEPTEMBER 15. Ch. 5 is INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA. Also understand, she's taken Pre-Algebra and Algebra I in PS - passed both (barely, but still - passed.) This is BASIC stuff......and she has NO CLUE. I have been reviewing this for *2* weeks now.....and she still doesn't GET IT. :bangs head: And the arguments! Oi.

I spent most of last week trying to find apps to help her - at this point, I'm willing to PAY to help her! I found a couple that I downloaded (and I found a few more that I am going to buy, just because she needs ALL the help she can get)...and she is refusing to use them. SG pushed the issue today - she is over at the table, mumbling and grumbling about one of them right now - he told her she HAD to work with at least one of them - and pass the first section (it's a game; you have to answer 20 questions and get 85% right to unlock the game - she HAS to unlock the game before she can quit)....she has gone thru the questions 4 times now. Can't pass....because she simply doesn't understand negative numbers. (She can NOT grasp that 5 +(-3) is the SAME THING as 5-3. I've tried every way I can to help explain it...and she just can NOT get it. :bangs head:)

Oh! She just unlocked the first game - by using a calculator. :sigh: Whatever - I honestly do NOT expect her to do more than the 4 Singapore levels (which takes you to pre-Calc. They cover Pre-Alg, Alg 1 and 2, Geometry and a little Trig, all integrated. This is...Not going to be Fun.), and, honestly - I don't really expect her to pass. :sigh: State Law says she MUST take 4 years of Math......:big sigh: (Himself I expect will go thru Calc, easily. Singapore DM level 1 is basically 7th grade math - he's in 6th - and he's finishing a chapter every 2 weeks right now. So...he'll be in Calc, if all goes well, in 10th grade. Oi! Don't know what I'll do his last 2 years, if we don't graduate him early......I don't want to hold him back. But I don't want to push him too much, either. :sigh:)

Himself is cruising thru the same book - he just finished Ch. 3. He passed the Ch. test with a 90....she "passed" with a 70. I know, Singapore says that a 75 is an "A"...but *I* don't, because I don't want them thinking that trying 75% is good enough. In her case, though, I will take what I can get.......but MAN! This is going to drive me to drink! (Good thing the lager is tasting good...I'm thinking I'm going to actually need to work my way thru that batch!)

:deep breath: Spent yesterday morning purchasing 64 8' cedar posts. The guy delivered them for us - we have a lovely stack of posts next to the pile of fence panels. They're going to look really nice once we get them installed - like someone who cares lives here. :grin: The seller was a racehorse owner who's retiring - his place was nice. NOT showy, not expensive, but really a nice, reachable set-up. He has some horses for sale too - very nice thoroughbreds. I do NOT need another horse....I do NOT need another horse.....x 100. :lol:

I think I need a nap...and a stiff drink. :sigh:

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