October 24th, 2011

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Work....well, sucked. I got there at 7:15...and didn't leave until 1:30. I worked on the contract stuff ONLY......and would have been done earlier if the office staff had done their blasted jobs! They hired 2 new guys, but didn't tell me (so that I could get them added to the spreadsheet - it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to add each person; not bad for 1, but when you add more, well, it takes longer to make sure the formulas haven't been borked.). They also didn't approve all the hours; the system prints off all hours in the timesheet, whether they've been approved or not. *I* can't tell - but when I run the Invoices, it only picks up approved time...which borks THAT process up.

There are 2 entries sitting out there, right now, that have been unapproved. This means that 2 landmen will be shorted on their checks, because the office staff - who ONLY work on approving hours, mind you! - didn't do their damn job. :bangs head:

And Mr. Financial Advisor called to ask me if I could, "just this once", add the 2 days to the Invoice. :bangs head: I told him I'd LOVE to, but - hey, lookie there, they're STILL not approved! And THAT is NOT MY JOB. (Yes, I could approve them - but, again - NOT MY JOB. The new office girl gets $35K/year to do this...I get $400/month. Sorry. Earn your pay!)

I'm tired. I'm fed up. And I'm still not done (6 hours and counting!) because I couldn't run the Invoices without approval - which I STILL don't have. At 3:20 PM. :sigh: And I KNOW, without any doubt, that if I do go in and add those 2 entries to the Invoices, that they will take full advantage of it and STILL not do their jobs; why should they when I can "fix" it? (And let's don't even mention that the first inkling I got of this problem was at 11 AM, when the Office Manager called me to ask if someone would get paid if their hours weren't in on time. Um....NO. We've discussed this - if they ain't in by 12:00 MIDNIGHT Sunday, they ain't gonna get paid. *I* only work until NOON on Monday (HA!)......why do you call me at 11:00 AM asking this?)

:mumble: :grumble: I'll get over it. It's a small blip, really. But MAN - why can't they do their jobs????

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