October 25th, 2011

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Spinning my wheels...

and I DON'T mean my lovely AA spinning wheels, either. :wink: Ever feel like you're fighting a losing battle?

This AM we got up and milked. We then had to stop and fix fence - Trouble (who really needs to become kid-chops) had discovered how to get out of the buckling area, and spent an undisclosed time yesterday in with the does (we thought we had fixed that with pallets - NOT), then he got out sometime last night during the game and was BACK in with them for who knows how long. :sigh: SG put him in the kidding area last night - he greeted us at the back fence this morning. So, the kids and I had to haul 3 of the new panels to the buckling area, and secure them to the round pen panels that separate the does from the bucklings. (We had run chicken wire all along the bottom, to keep limber bucklings OUT, but.....Trouble figured it out. :bangs head:)(And I don't know HOW farmers did fence repairs before zip ties - I LOVE them. All of our fences are multi-colored, thanks to them. :grin:)

Now I need to research Lute, so I know how much to give to the does, because, OF COURSE, most of them are in screaming heat right now. I do NOT want oops babies! :bigger sigh:

Then, we come in, ready to start school. Only, the phone rings, and I spend the next 2 hours with Cynthia trying to help her finally finish the contract work done. :sigh: It's SO much easier to just do it myself.....but I am here, and she is there, so....

School did go well...except that someone had stepped on the USB connector of our headphones - so no Rosetta Stone today. :big sigh:

I did manage to organize the HS cabinet, and our shelves in the dining area. I still need to finish tidying up the weaving room (since SG has been stashing his beer pots there. :big sigh: )

At least Himself is fixing lunch for us all, so THAT'S good. :smile:

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