October 28th, 2011

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Educational link dump...

I can't remember if I've linked all of these or not, but I'm trying to clean out my bookmark folder. So....here ya go (All are free, or were when I bookmarked them!):

Elements of Art

Watercolor Lessons

Virtual Art Instructor

Art Appreciation Lessons

Line Drawings of Masterpieces (Art Appreciation)

Literature Study Guides

British History site (This is the Monarchs page)

Create Math Worksheets

Math Books

Algebra books

Primary math books

Various books on various subjects

Teaching ideas (this is for math - there are other subjects here as well)

"Getting Started With Latin" quizzes

Flashcards for "Wheelock's Latin" (FUN site - tons of flashcards. BIG time sink!)

Various Science/Math poster/printables

Learner's TV Videos of various subjects

Videos MIT provided some

Virtual History Media - lots of primary sources!

Library of Congress teacher's resources - FANTASTIC site to browse!

I've got a lot more, but most of them are similar to these. Or silly......:grin: They all worked last time I checked them...hope they still do.

I was up much too late last night, so this may be all you get today. :yawn: I'll be up late again tonight...stupid player errors. Ah, well - this is the LAST baseball game of the season, so.....I can deal. :yawn:

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