October 30th, 2011

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Is it Monday yet?

Because this weekend kicked my butt. :sigh: I spent most of yesterday *working* (yeah. I know...but the stuff HAD to be done by tonight, and there was NO way I could get it done today only, so....:sigh:), then I went out to help SG and the kids. They were re-doing the fence between the does and the bucklings.

Problem: our ground is SO DRY the tractor can't drill down easily. 3 hours to drill *2* 18" holes. With the Kubota. :shakes head: We got the 3rd hole drilled to 1', then used the manual post hole digger to finish it out so we could get at least *1* panel up.

Today was more of the same - I still didn't get everything done for work, but I got enough done so that Cynthia is happy. We got the last 2 holes started......which is pathetic for 4.5 hours of work. :sigh:

Then, my pretty hay FELL, because the delivery guys didn't stack it right. For those of you who don't have tons of hay delivered at once, there is a Right way to stack hay, and a Wrong way.

Right way: The baling twine/wire runs on the top and bottom of the bales. You stack 4 bales side-by-side longways, then you stack 4 more on top of them cross-wise. Keep it up until you reach the ceiling. (And fill the bottom of the barn that way; 4 bales 1 way, the next 4 the other (the ones layered so that the long end faces you runs perpendicular to the ones layered so that the short end faces you - the short end facing ones are placed 2x2, so that you have a square the same size as when you layer them long-sides facing you)...so the bales sorta resemble a checkerboard, if that makes sense.

Wrong way: Toss the bales willy-nilly into the barn, with the baling twine/wire facing outward. Dump all the bottom bales the same way, and stack the next layer ALSO the same way, making towers of hay. I guarantee you the bales will NOT be steady, and you will end up with the leaning tower of hay at some point. And if they fall, you can get crushed...or your tarp will tear. :sigh:

I'm tired, I still have work to do....but I don't care. I have a headache - I have to get my eyes examined tomorrow, because I think my glasses are causing a lot of problems. I hope new glasses help.....:fingers crossed:

Oh - yeah, the Rangers lost game 7. :sigh: We HAD game 6......errors on our part forced game 7. Ah, well - it's only a game, and there's always next year. Besides, game 6 was one heck of a game, wasn't it? :grin:

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It's Anna's fault....

really. :giggle: She posted yesterday about a find she made - Shalom Sesame. Basically, Sesame Street teaches Hebrew/Jewish traditions.

At first, I was sad - my 2 are "too old" for Sesame Street. Herself is 14 (OK, maturity-wise, she *might* be 7, but still) and Himself is 11 (going on 30). *I* like the muppets, and I enjoy watching older episodes, but....I wasn't sure I could get them to watch - not sure enough to spend the $$ for it, anyway.

Then Ali said she and her son had watched some of the episodes on You Tube.....huh. I went off to search.......it's cute. It's cuddly. And Itzhak Perlman was on the introductory episode. :hugs: (He's been my violin-hero since...well, since I was in 7th grade and got to see him live. He's AMAZING!)

So...I made an executive decision and ordered the complete DVD set from MovieMarz on eBay. :lol: I figure, *I'll* watch it; if the kids want to join in, fine, if not - well, I'll be reinforcing my Rosetta Stone. Which I have been ignoring lately....I just don't feel like I can take the time to sit and *do* it - I need to get over that, because I can't learn a foreign language without SOME effort. :sigh: (I became proactive yesterday - I have the RS "playlist" in my iTunes, so while I was working yesterday I had it playing softly in my headphones. I figure, if I can have the TV on in the background and still be able to tell SG what happened, the RS playlist should be even better. Even if I don't KNOW that I know it, when I hear/see it next time I go into RS, it should make it easier on me. That's the theory, anyway.)

So, Anna - Thanks! (Seriously - thanks!) This should help *me* get Hebrew into my brain.

And, in exchange - another link for you: Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. She's got quite a few free downloads - we'll be doing her "Viking Voyages" this week, since that's where we are History-wise. She's got games, and buildables - and she has an English Curriculum that I'm looking hard at. "Excavating English"...it looks fantastic; the download is under $15...and I keep coming back to it. We'll see.....Her stuff looks solid, and fun.

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