October 31st, 2011

me: portrait

I'm tired.....

Woke up to SG complaining about his back - he moved 17 bags of cement yesterday, and strained something. So...he stayed in bed while the kids and I milked and ran thru school. Himself and I had eye appointments, so we left SG in bed (he did remember to call his boss and HR, so that's good) and boogied on.

His eyes have changed a lot. He went from NS in one eye and FS in the other to NS in both, with astigmatism in both. Odd, but.....his eyes are healthy, he's still color-blind, and we have a nice new prescription.

My eyes...oy. My near vision has gotten marginally better, while my far vision has deteriorated. And, somehow, my near-near vision has started to decline (I am 42, so it's to be expected) and I have joined the ranks of bi-focal wearers. :pbbbbbbbbbt!:

So. We came back to the house to pick up SG (who offered to pay for *my* new glasses; I agreed to pay for Himself's) and run to LensCrafters....in the hopes that we'd both have new glasses today. HA! They don't carry lenses with the +2 (or is that -2?) that he needs for his astigmatism, nor do they carry the progressive lenses in the strength *I* need. :sigh: Up to a 14 day wait....ah, well. With insurance mine weren't too bad - I got a totally new pair. Himself just got new lenses - $195!!!! :wince: WITH our insurance discount. :sigh:

I need new sunglasses, but I think I'll take the prescription to Wally-world and have them make new lenses for my old ones. They're a LOT cheaper than Lenscrafters......normally it doesn't matter, because we get them in an hour, so I grit my teeth and pay. Sunglasses, though.....I'll pay Wally-world's cheaper prices and wait.

Now that I know that LC doesn't carry my lenses, I'll be ordering online. :sigh: Cheaper, yes....but I still want instant (or almost) gratification. Especially now - my old glasses give me headaches and I can't see to read with them on. (Which is why I went to the doctor in the first place - I am TIRED of not being able to *see*.)

In other news: I am an idiot. A while back, I had bought the entire "Scribe" collection from Currclick - it was on sale for some ridiculously low price. It has notebook pages for EVERYTHING - Artists, Middle Ages, Religion, etc. I've been going nuts trying to find *something* on various artists - and I even spent HOURS trying to make up pages. :bangs head: You'd think I'd remember that I had printed OUT the ToC of all the different Scribe folders (AND I put them in my Lesson Plan binder; the one I look at EVERY SINGLE DAY. :duh:).......I am such an idiot.

I spent a few minutes this AM printing out ALL the Artist Biography pages. I'm going to copy the ones we need as we get to them, to keep the notebook in the order of our Art Appreciation book. :sigh: And I'm going to peruse the ToC printouts to see what ELSE I can use...I still haven't gotten Ch. 13 done; we're on Ch. 12 now. :shakes head:

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