November 2nd, 2011

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Not sure what's going on; I feel moderately human today, but I'm dizzy. Comes from spending yesterday mostly prone, I'm sure. I'm still queasy - but I can keep food down. Thankfully.

Last night I tried a trick our pediatrician recommended years ago. When you (or you child) can't keep food down, force liquids. Once it's been 6 or so hours since they last threw up, go to McDonald's or other hamburger shack and buy a large order of fries. Doc said that he can't prove it, but he feels that the starchy potato absorbs the bile while the grease coats the stomach and calms it down.

Let me tell you - it works. SG brought home a Philly cheesesteak (against my wishes, but I'm glad he did) with fries for me.....the fries weren't greasy at all (it's the first time our local burger shack DRAINED their fries - go figure!), but the Philly was. I managed half of it last night, and the other half for breakfast this AM.

We caught up on school today - yesterday was a bust. I had asked to kids to at least read their Science - HA. Should have known better - when Mom is in bed, not much is going to get done. 's OK - we caught up.

I wish I had felt well enough yesterday to do laundry - yesterday was PERFECT; warm, sunny, light breeze. Today? Cloudy, damp-feeling, 30 mph wind gusts. My dryer is being forced to work for the first time in *months*. :sigh:

Need to go lay down least I think I'm going to live. :weak grin:

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Oh, Crap...

Cynthia just called me - she's been admitted into the Hospital with congestive heart failure. :sigh: NOT good......I semi-jokingly asked her if she though maybe God was trying to tell her something..she finally said "yeah. I may just go ahead and quit after all"...which, honestly - she needs to do for her health's sake.

Our office is HIGHLY stressful - and it's going to get worse for her now that she doesn't have her mother's health as an excuse to not be at Ms. boss's beck-and-call. :bigger sigh:

And I'm too sick to go visit her right now.......:deep sigh:

Prayers appreciated!

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