November 3rd, 2011

me: portrait


1. Just talked to Cynthia - Damn, you guys are good! :wink: They've already gotten most of the fluid off; her doc says it's up to the pulmologist as to if she can come home *tomorrow* or not. Fortunately, she went in early so the congestive heart failure was minor. Thank you Lord!!!

2. Work: Yes, Anna, I know - but my hubby wants me to keep working for now. He likes the extra $$ I bring in - even though it's less than half of what I was making. He did say last night that he's almost ready to tell me to chuck it...:fingers crossed: I am ready to quit - I'm tired of the stress and strain, and I'd prefer to just stay home.

3. School: I am revamping. I just finished reading "Right-brained Children in a Left-brained World" (or something similar)......I think both kids are pretty much Right-brained. Which is why the whole notebooking thing isn't working out so well. It worked for HImself, when it was just him, because he doesn't like to rock the boat...but it doesn't work AT ALL for Herself. She's pretty much a total visual learner...and writing notes doesn't do it for her. So.....:deep breath: I'm going to try something new for History (we're going to keep on with the Science Notebooks, since I purchased those. :sigh:)....I'm going to spend the first day having them speed-read the chapter, then the rest of the 3 weeks they will read the daily sections. According to the book, they do better as "whole to part" learners (vs. the "normal" left-brained kids, who learn "part to whole") - give them the overview first, then go back and fill in the specifics. Can't hurt.....I am going to use my bio-sheets that I have for "important" people, just...well, just because. *I* can't get over the "need to have *something*" thing...I think it's a hold-over from my public school days.

4. Tests: I'm going to try something new here, too. The multiple-choice History tests are being bombed right and I'm going to try having them write me a synopsis of the chapter. Maybe a couple of *short* essays on something covered in the chapter, as well. SOMETHING in print, anyway, so that I have proof that they are learning. So far, our written spelling tests are doing OK (but I only assign 10 words a week - they are "above" Himself's level, and right at Herself's). Yes, they *could* do more words...but I'd rather not. Not when we're doing Latin, Hebrew, and the rest of the course load.

5. Curriculum: I'm sticking with what I have, for the moment. I did just order a copy of "Excavating English" by Ellen McHenry (for when we finish Diagramming), and I was able to score a copy of both Minimus Teacher's Manuals (for HALF price. That' Still more than I wanted to pay, but I got both for what Level 1 normally costs.) We're not quite 1/3 of the way thru "Getting Started With Latin", but I'm already looking ahead (and after Minimus, I have "Wheelock's Latin"...a college-level course. So....we're set.) (It's not that I think they need to be able to *speak* Latin - it's that they need to be able to know Latin roots to help their vocabulary. Himself, at least, is college-bound (at the moment), so I want to give him all the help I can to boost SAT/ACT scores.)

6. State of the Me: I'm doing better. Still slightly queasy, but no dizziness at ALL today. :huzzah:

7. Homestead: We'll be luting all the does this weekend, and hopefully we'll be on track to breed the Nubians in 2 weeks. In December, I'll be breeding Dulcinea to Goliad...we haven't decided about the Cashmeres yet. Annie will be dried off once she's verified bred; Mocha will *hopefully* stick so I can milk her thru this time. (I'm going to alternate between them which one gets to milk thru and which one gets bred 2x/row. Mocha didn't stick this year, or she'd be left open this year to milk thru.) This weekend will also *hopefully* see the fence between the bucklings and does finished, and maybe the fence between the horses and bucklings done. At some point the front of the doe pen needs to be's a never-ending thing, fencing is.

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