November 7th, 2011

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Lord, any time now...

would be good. Really.

I am SICK of work. Today was going swimmingly - 9:30, I'm finally DONE with the timesheets (only 1.5 hours :sigh:)...and dumbo office manager calls to find out how to upload a receipt. To one of the timesheets. Which isn't approved. :bangs head:

Financial Advisor gets there at 11 - I'm NOWHERE near done. I had JUST finished the spreadsheets - I still needed to go into QuickBooks and start *that*. At 12, I was done with 2 of the Areas (6 Invoices at that point.....out of 7). Got to the last one....and it's off. My timesheets don't equal the Invoice by over $1K. Come to find out, they had hired a NEW LANDMAN, and neglected to tell *me*. FA was FURIOUS. (So was I)

I finally left at 1:30. Not finished, no - I had to process all 7 Invoices, and the landmen haven't been paid. (I'll do that NEXT time I'm in, and I'll be there until 2:30. Why not? :bangs head:)

It's been raining out here off and on...we need it...but SG is off so he can WORK ON THE FENCE. :sigh: Ah, well.....

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