November 10th, 2011

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Happy Birthday...

USMC!!!! Semper Fi!!!!! Go hug a Marine!!!

Not only is it the Marine Corps birthday, it's also my anniversary - 3 years! SG was one of the best things the Lord has given me.....seems like yesterday/seems like forever.

In Other News: Visited with Cynthia today - she's home, and feeling marginally better. They have no clue as to WHY she's got so much fluid on her, but her heart is strong (Praise the Lord for that - it WASN'T congestive heart failure after all!) and they're monitoring the situation.

Watched Disk 1 of "Shalom Sesame" today. It's cute, and it's packed with subtle learning. At first I was a bit disappointed - it's all English! Only, it's not - the Count says the English word, but his organ says the Hebrew word. The people slip in Hebrew, and you get it by osmosis - really, really neat. We learned 2 letters - dalet and yud. Pretty cool for a 22 minute episode! (or 28.....) I'm planning on watching 1 disk per day; when we've watched all 12, we'll start over. Hopefully, it'll help the Rosetta Stone "stick".

I'm also thinking about re-installing isn't as intensive as RS, but it has interactive *games*, which the kids LOVE. (Psssst, Anna - it's pretty inexpensive, as software goes. (You might can even find it cheaper on eBay - I know I didn't pay over $20 for my disk, but I can't remember the discount code I used at the developer's website.) I think your kids would like the games, and it's a good way to reinforce the learning!)

I got steak thawing, and charcoal for the grill. Think I'll make my honey a steak dinner tonight. :wink:

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