November 14th, 2011

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Busy Monday...

School took us a bit longer today - we've hit the "hard" stuff in Math. :snicker: Himself had to actually *THINK* (which is good for him), and managed to actually MISS more than 2 problems. Pre-Algebra; he's working on linear equations, and those pesky negative numbers tripped him up (when you SUBTRACT a negative, you actually ADD it. He hasn't quite gotten that down yet.)

Herself is working on simplifying still, and using the distributive property - and she CAN'T get it. We did the same problem set we did Friday....and if *I* walk her step-by-step she can do it, but when I walk away, she bombs. :sigh: I've got "Life of Fred: Fractions", and I'm going to have her read that. Yes, it's a step backwards, but...she NEEDS it. Himself is also going to read it, just to solidify the math.

Yesterday, we looked outside and lo and behold, we have a pig. A Vietnamese potbelly piglet, to be exact. Seems the people down the street acquired 2 and one of the little porkers managed to escape. He's still loose - I didn't know bacon was FAST food - and we're trying to catch him. Don't want coyotes to get him.....but he's scared and did I mention FAST?? :lol:

Friday I downloaded some Hebrew children's songs. I figured - I learned to read English by song, so why not try Hebrew the same way? I got "Shalom Yeladim" ("Hello Children") by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh - it has the Sabbath blessings, in Hebrew!! 32 songs total, for $9.99. I also got "Songs of the Spirit" by Debbie Friedman...42 songs IIRC, for $9.99, and then 2 singles: "The Dreidel Song" and "Shema Lullaby" - a BEAUTIFUL version of the Shema. I figure, why not? We now have songs we can sing as we get ready for Shabbat, and Hanukkah, and Purim, and and and...:lol:

Switching gears:

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Art Studio app for the iPad, just to have something to doodle with. (What? It was on sale for $2.99. I'm a sucker for sales....and I wanted an "art" program. Win/Win!) A few days ago, Herself discovered it....and, well, here's her first piece using it:

Phoenix bird by Herself, on Art Pad

*I* am impressed - *I* can't do stuff like this on it! She said it's fun, but she prefers paper and pencil....but WoW! I sent the file to the website to see if they'll upload it to their flickr group.

I need to take photos of her latest crochet projects - she's been busy. LOTS of Portal stuff - impressive, especially when you realize that she HAD NO PATTERNS for them. child impresses me. A LOT.

Got work to do, so Shalom!

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