November 18th, 2011

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Busy, busy, busy.....

School's going to be quick today - the kids are excited about visiting Granny. They rushed thru the morning "stables", and are almost ready to start. (Normally, it's 8:30 before I can jolly them to the table - today? "Mom, I just need to pack a few more things - I'll hurry!" :snicker:)

Not sure what SG and I will do for Sabbath dinner - I won't be home most of the day. Ah, well - we'll come up with something.

Glasses: NO headaches AT ALL. Typical of new prescriptions for me...I hope this means they got this set of lenses correct. I still can't see any difference in the top and bottom....but at this point, it's OK. Don't care. I will live with these.

Question for the peeps: Does anyone know if there are transcripts for the Rosetta Stone .mp3 files? I have them; SG wants them, but doesn't remember what he's done on the 'puter portion. I'm tired of trying to translate for him (it's good for me...but :ugh: :lol:) I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if possible.....

Gotta skitter - I have 2 kids chomping at the bit to get school DONE. :lol: Shabbat Shalom!

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me: portrait


Both kids are happily settled with Granny - they talked her EARS off when we got there, but had started to settle down when I left. It was good to be able to sit and talk with the grands - Papaw, a former Naval Engineer, had dug out some Algebra cue cards for me, and we chatted about things to do for/with Himself (Snap Circuits, for one - and he thinks he has a short-wave radio kit in the garage that they might just try to find. :boggle:) He also said he'd help Herself go thru "Life of Fred: Fractions"....:fingers crossed: he can get her to sit and read.

Granny gave me tips on my quilt - which has been neglected lately. I am going to try to work on it while the kids are gone...we'll see. I need to rest some, too. :grin:

Anna, watch your mailbox - my PO says you should get an envelope Monday. :bounce:

It's COLD here - 64* per the thermometer, but it's a COLD 64*, with strong North winds and an overcast sky. I might have to fire up the woodstove in a bit...I'm COLD.

Gotta get laundry done before sundown - see ya on the flip side!

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