November 20th, 2011

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My heart is full....

because my husband is so good to me! The kids are at Granny's, so he took me out yesterday for a date. We hadn't celebrated our anniversary, so he took me to lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant...and then. And then. We hit 3 Half Price bookstores. :snuggle:

He also surprised me - when the kids and I started our Exodus from the church, he mumbling followed us...not really agreeing with it, but at least willing to listen to my reasons. It's been a long road...but yesterday, he told me he thought we needed to go deeper. :blinks:

So. Last year he was totally against a Hanukkah menorah in the front window; this year he's all for it. He picked up a book on celebrating the Sabbath (he brought it home Friday, no less!), and he wants to "do it right". :giggle: (It's TRADITION. But he wants to include MORE tradition. Right now, we have the special tablecloth, placemats, wall hanging, and candlesticks. A kiddush cup. We use the regular china (the fancy china for Feasts), because we usually eat on paper plates (to conserve water. We're in a drought) he wants to go deeper).

And he's decided to get serious about learning Hebrew. It was HIS idea to buy Rosetta Stone last year, but he hasn't actually DONE the lessons. The kids and I have...but only since this August, because I put it on our Lesson Plans (if it's on the schedule, it HAS to get done. :grin:)...only *I've* been lax, because it takes time and I'm usually working with one kid or another. So.....I have to make sure *I* do it, too.

The trip to Half Price #2 was specifically to get more Jewish and Messianic books - we went to the flagship store, and it's HUGE. We got....well, we spent too much there, but we've got a stack of books to read now, on the Sabbath, on Passover, and on basic Judaism. No, we're not going Jewish - I won't give up Yeshua - but we want to see what He would have done, so we can integrate it (and before anyone tells me that how they do it now is different from how He would have done it...yes and no. Most of the traditions go back to the Babylonian exile....and are similar to what He would have done. We're also filtering them thru Torah - I don't want to "add to", the way the Rabbis have. Some of the traditions aren't needed, as Yeshua fulfilled what the Jews were waiting's going to be fun.)

It's...y'all have no idea how big this is (well, Anna might. :lol:) He came kicking and screaming, and now I'm having to tell *him* to slow down. :grin:

He also bought me a lot of "fluff-books"....he knows how much I LOVE books. E-books are nice, and take up much less room....but there's something about a BOOK. The heft, the smell, the sound of the pages as they turn.......and he knows that. (We're out of space.....which is why I let him talk me into an ereader to begin with. I try to get most of my fluffy books on it, and the "extra" reading for the kids.....but that still leaves us with TOO MANY BOOKS. And we just added more.....oi. :lol:)

Gotta go milk.....then I get to spend the day reading while he makes Feta for Thanksgiving. :mmmmmm:

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2 Posts today...

because I am working all day tomorrow. :shrug: I'm helping Cynthia out - because of all her crises lately, she's behind. I don't mind...but I'm only going in for 1 day.

Himself was a little sad that we finished "The Wanderings of Odyseuss" (or however it's spelled) last week - he said he'd like to read more Greek myths. Since he's been "off" reading for the past few months (seriously - he'd rather CLEAN his room instead of read!), I thought I'd look for books for him at Half Price.

Part of our haul was 4 mythology books for him. 2 on the Greek myths (Bullfinch's anthology, and a retelling of the Aenid), 1 is Celtic myths, and 1 is "1001 Arabian Nights". I HOPE he finds something there to pique his interest.....he needs to be reading again.

I finished SG's kippah yesterday - he's been wearing it all over the house. :grin: No, it's not Torah....but he wanted something to help *him* set the Sabbath and Feasts apart from every other day. It doesn't matter to me - I just had a hankering to knit one. Or 2...I've already cast on another one. :lol: (What? They're fast, mindless knitting....and IF he and Himself choose to wear them, that's great. If not, I'm not out much yarn or time. I knit to *knit*, not necessarily to end up with an object.) SG's is made out of some multi-colored handspun - he asked for a "Joseph's Coat" kippah, and I delivered. Photos later - when I finish #2.

I'm trying to find a "real" tablecloth for our table; one that actually fits. Our table is 4" by 6"...and I just can't find anything ready-made that fits that I can afford (or justify spending the $$$ for. Oi, some of them are EXPENSIVE!) I found a cross-stitch kit.....for $75. :boggle: It's lovely, but I can get a machine-made one for $35......not as pretty, true, but.......$75. And *I* have to do all the work! I....don't really have the time to do that.

I'm trying to find a quilt pattern that I could use as a tablecloth, but I can't find a Jewish-themed one large enough. (Not even large enough for a center panel - I can always make a border or 2 for it if I find one...) :sigh: I need to make some more placemats as least I don't need a challah cover - SG just bought me one off of etsy. :grin: (I don't mind making things myself, but if I can find something that's *handmade* for about the same price as *me* making it, I'd just as soon buy it. My time is worth *something*......I'd rather use it for things I can't get anywhere else.)

My knitting is calling is SG. He's making feta for Thanksgiving.....mmmmmm. Our contribution to the meal is fresh challah and feta. That's a meal in itself! :grin:

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