November 22nd, 2011

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Been up since 4...

and am about to head back to bed. I've been a BUSY girl this morning! It all started yesterday...SG picked me up, and handed me a Barnes & Noble bag. He had bought us 2 more Learn Hebrew books - 1 is...kinda disappointing. It CLAIMS to be a "learn the aleph-bet" book...but it's really a "learn the first letters of the blessings" book. Not exactly what he was looking for.....the other looks REALLY good - "Learn Hebrew in 10 minutes a day". I'll get back with you once I've done a little of it....but on first glance it looks good.

When SG gets into something, he dives right in - moreso than I. I tend to do a LOT of research first, then hunt for the best prices, THEN start spending....he tends to get an idea and jump right in - no research, no bargain-hunting, just whip out the card and go. Which is why we have SO MANY Hebrew books....:lol: After the disappointment of the aleph-bet book, I told him about the app I have - it's put out by Sarah and David interactive, and it's GREAT. Each letter has a page; there's a cute picture and story to help you remember what letter is what. For example, for Gimmel there's a picture of Sarah thinking about high-heeled shoes. Why? Because high-heels have a "gap" between the heel and the sole.....and Gimmel has a gap, too! (For Bet and Vet, there's a picture of Benny and his dog Voog (I think that's the name). Bennie (Bet) has a belly-button, Voog (Vet) doesn't. That's how you tell them apart.) For $1.99, the app was money well spent!

Anyway, they have a website, and they sell books. He looked at my app, and said - "Order the Adult learner set!". :bounce: So....we have books coming. *More* books....

which is why I was up at 4. I started with cleaning up the "currently using" homeschool shelf. It's in the kitchen, under the bar, and it's where the binders and, well, current textbooks and workbooks live. I had a bunch of reference books on the bottom shelf, but we haven't been using I pulled them out, put in the new Hebrew books (which...took up almost the same amount of space. :sigh:), then had to figure out where to the put the "old" books.

Into the Game room, where the homeschool center is. The top shelf is ALL the books we need to finish high school (yes, I'm prepared. Yes, some of the textbooks will be older.....but not so old that the kids won't be able to pass the SAT. Physics and Chemistry and Biology won't change *that* much, and I had the money last summer to spend, so I did.) The 2nd shelf is the "extras" - the living books, story books, and references that we are/will be using. The drawer has supplies...the 3rd shelf has the books we might use - they looked good, they were cheap, and they'll let the kids go deeper if they want. I've also got a lot of Calliope History magazine - they haven't dug into those like I thought, but they've browsed them. The 4th shelf is all art stuff....the bottom shelf is the fun kits I got - Physics, Chemistry, Art.......the center is kinda full.

I had to pull out some books.....I had to make a decision as to which to get rid of. :sigh: All the music books had to be pulled - right now, they're living on the piano bench. The bench is already full...I need to find some other place for them to go. I have a bunch of books we've finished with in the "to donate" pile.....but I'm gonna have to get rid of more. We are.....overrun with books.

I've been told that I run a home for orphan books. :lol: We have 3 6' x 4' bookshelves in the bedroom.....and all of them are overstuffed (which is how it should be, I think. Books are....well, you gotta have books.) There are some "fluff" books I can re-home....but I can't get rid of my reference books - I have a ton of horse books, goat books, how-to books.....I might need the info in them! (And I don't have duplicates - each book might have some overlap, but each of them has unique info. :sigh:)

I'm tired...and I'm not done yet. I cleared off my 1/3 of the command center - Cyn is giving me her mother's laser printer, and I need a place for it. This, of course, means that the REST of the command center looks I gotta do it, next.

But - nap first. I'm tired!

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