November 28th, 2011

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Home again, home again....

Herself's doc. appt went well - seems her problems are hormonal. Which I kinda thought...but Granny freaked when she blacked out last week when her cycle started. Doc said it's "normal", and not to worry, but go ahead an push iron and see if that helps. (There's a....nerve? Something, that gets squeezed when your cycle starts, and in young women it sometimes causes them to black out for a few minutes. It's not a biggie, it doesn't cause any permanent damage, so...don't worry. :hah:)

While out and about today, we stopped at JoAnn's. I scored some Hanukkah fabric for placemats - at half price! - and a few odds and ends. I've been busy lately, trying to get ready for Pesach (yup. Passover. Now. It's.....I'm being pushed, so I went along with it. Easier that way. :lol:) - I made a matza cover (with 3 pockets) and matching afikomen bag. I had found a set on etsy...but I couldn't pay what they were asking (it's worth it, honest...but I can't pay $50 for something I can make myself.) With the tablecloth and these, we're just about set - I need to make some dedicated placemats, but I couldn't find the fabric locally that I want to use. 1-800-Dreidel has "10 plagues" fabrics...I want to make some simple placemats that uses the 10 fabrics in a border around a pre-quilted center. Guess I'll end up ordering them......I was hoping I could find them "locally", but no biggie. (No, placemats aren't part of the Seder....but in my family? They're required. Especially on a *white* tablecloth, and double especially when you add wine to the meal.)

We also hit the big Half Price - mom was with us, and she wanted to stop. I....well, I came home with more books. :sheepish grin: What? Books are good!! I can find places to cram 'em!

Looks like all the goats except Annie have been bred. Kids are due end of March/beginning of April, if all stick.

Need to get some work done. I'm trying to take pictures tonight :fingers crossed:

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