November 30th, 2011

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Some kind of time warp...

I swear, there's a black hole or something here. I bought 2 butter dishes off of eBay Sunday evening (or Monday.....anyway). They BOTH arrived today. :blink: That'

I also received my Sarah and David order. It's......OK. I ordered the Adult learner set, instead of the children's set - that one is for kids "up to 6th grade"..which would cover Himself, but might have bored him and Herself both. The "Aleph Bet Story" is basically the app I have (and if you can't get the app for whatever reason, then I DO recommend you get this book. Seriously. Get it!), and it's good. The Primer and Skill and Drill books are both good - but honestly? I like the set-up of "Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day" better. And...upon closer look, it looks like you need some sort of help with the Primer - it gives you a letter, then has pictures of things with the Hebrew under it, and wants the teacher to SAY the Hebrew word. Ummm.........yeah. That's not helpful! :sigh: (They do have free downloads on the website - I need to go check them out.)

We ran to Wally-world today (I needed highlighters, and the kids asked for Chick-fil-a, so...yeah. 2 birds, 1 stone) and got 2 of the 10 fabrics I need for the Passover placemats. If you go to 1-800-Dreidel and go to the fabric department, you'll see what I'm looking for. I don't need a full yard of each - a half yard should be more than sufficient the way I'm going to do these - and I'm not sure they'll sell it by the half-yard. I need to call.....Wally-world was cheaper, though. I have frogs and blood. :lol: Almost bought some dragon-flies, but decided that I really want to look for "real" flies. :lol: (I need a piece 6.5" x 4.5" of each fabric for each placemat. I'm going to sew them together for the border, and use pre-quilted stuff for the centers. I'll be doing some Hanukkah ones soon, and will show what I mean.)

School went well, but Algebra blew Himself's mind. He can't quite grasp factoring equations.....we'll work on it. Herself actually GOT it, and blew thru today's assignment. Granted, she missed half the problems, BUT she actually worked them out correctly - it was arithmetic errors, so I OK'd them. It's the working-of she usually has problems with, so this is HUGE. :happy dance:

Need to hit the meat market - laters!

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