December 1st, 2011

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Work sucks. I had to bring home a bunch of work-work, because the contract crap has been eating up ALL my 1/2 day, and the stuff HAS to be done. I've spent all day on it.....and it's still not done - I need to plop all the numbers on my spreadsheet, then email them to Cyn to actually input. I'll do it either tonight or tomorrow - I'm sick of it.

I have a confession to make: I haven't been doing Music with the kids. Granted, it's the ONLY thing on the schedule that isn't getting done - we're doing Music Appreciation, but not Lessons. :sigh: Neither kid has ANY desire to play ANYTHING - and I've tried. We've got violins, a piano, a harp, a recorder, and tin whistles here - and NOTHING has sparked any interest. When I do force a lesson, they do it grudgingly, but then don't practice - even when I nag. I give up. We're almost done with Music Appreciation, and I'm going to roll right into Music Theory - just because they aren't actually playing anything doesn't mean I'm not going to force them to learn to read music. At least that way, IF they decide that they want to play something later, they'll know how to read the music - which will make learning to play a little easier. I need to find something to fill in the gap where Lessons were - Tuesdays. :sigh: Maybe Rhetoric/Argument? They need to learn that, if only to be aware of what crap that ad agencies use to encourage you to buy stuff. (And I found "Zen in the Art of Rhetoric" at Half Price for $3, plus my $1.00 "Introduction to Logic")

I also need to actually *SCHEDULE* some sort of PE - our walks have been more miss than hit lately. The kids (and I) are getting new bikes for Hanukkah, so that'll help, but we gotta do SOMETHING to get moving - *I* need it, even if they don't.

Last night I got the Hanukkah placemats cut out, the border cut and ironed, and this AM during Science and Art I ironed the raw edges of the border under. I just need to sit down and start sewing....maybe this weekend. I need to do SOMETHING creative - work is just sucking the life out of me.

:argle-bargle: Can't wait for stuff to slow down at work - I need a break!

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