December 2nd, 2011

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OK - we watched the last "Shalom Sesame" video today. They're not bad - but they're kinda "Hebrew-lite". So...I went searching for something...more. I found *another* set of Shalom Sesame - 5 videos, LONGER, and look like they're actually based in Israel...for $46 on eBay. We'll see....Retail is $89, so I thought this was a pretty good deal. Yes, it's Sesame Street, and my kids are both a little beyond the target demographic, but...we've learned - maybe not a LOT, but we've learned some things, especially proper pronunciation - from them. I want to keep this fun - I quit Music, but Hebrew (and Latin) is something I will NOT cave on. They HAVE to learn, let's keep it fun.

Algebra has finally kicked Himself's butt. He was almost in tears today over the Chapter Review - he doesn't get equations that have variables in them, because you can't SOLVE them. In his mind, equations HAVE to be solved. So....we're working on that. Herself had an "ah-ha!" moment, and did really well on her Chapter Review (if by "really well", you understand that she showed that she understood the steps needed to solve them, and could tell me how to do them, but sucked on the actual arithmetic part. Ah, well.....we'll move on. Geometry is up next - that should go swimmingly. Hopefully.)

Gotta get started on the Sabbath cleaning - see ya later!

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