December 18th, 2011

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We were in Tractor Supply around 10:30 today, and my vision went all wonky. The only way I can describe it is that it was like when you put on someone else's prescription glasses; I had blurry vision, double-vision, and "ghosts". it lasted...about 30 minutes, then the headache hit. I'm fine now, as far as I can tell - but it was weird.

Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a pair of faux-Uggs. Last year, the Grands bought Herself a pair of real Uggs (they really are UGLY), and I shrugged and went on with life. This year, however, it's COLD, and her boots -while ugly - are WARM. I can't pay $$$$ for boots that will be worn out to the barn, so I started looking for fakes.

Big Lots had a pair for $14, but the soles were too thin, and they weren't really that warm. Walmart had a few pairs for $25, but again the soles were thin and the "plush"...well, wasn't.

We hit the Outlet mall yesterday, looking for a kitchen compost bin. While there, I noticed Famous Footwear.....long story short, I now have a pair of "Bear Paw" boots, look just like Uggs, for $50.

Still more than I wanted to pay, but they are warm and the soles are nice and thick. We hit them with waterproofing today, so I'll have warm toeies tomorrow. :lol:

Been reading "Bible Literacy" by ....a Rabbi. Can't remember his name off-hand; it's interesting. He retells the Biblical stories, and adds a bit from the Talmud or other Jewish writings to "explain" them. Cool stuff!

Work tomorrow...should be fun. :sigh:

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