December 19th, 2011

me: portrait

JUST got home....

We (the kids and I) were at the office at 7:15 this AM. It was just me & Cyn (& the kids :wink:) today, and it's amazing how fast we got the crap done! (And this was WITH 10 entries being unapproved, and 7 entries having to be unapproved, fixed, and RE-approved, all of which takes time.)

We got out of there at 12:30, and Cyn took us to lunch. It was good - we left Chili's at 1:45, and headed home on wet, sloppy streets (it was RAINING! 1.5" since yesterday!!!! Praise Yah for that!!!). We had 2 stops to make - 1 at Michaels (Anna, watch your mailbox. They had...well, you'll see. It was an unadvertised Monday-only special, and at those prices I couldn't resist!), and 1 at a local hobby shop. And an unplanned stop at Game Trade (which was next door to the hobby shop, so that was OK). I scored some...stuff for us at Michaels (seriously - 75% + OFF. It was UNbelievable!), and the kids got SG a game at Game Trade (the expansion pack for Oblivion. He's rather addicted to Skyrim, the sequel to Oblivion, so we figure he'll get into Oblivion soon as he's finished this quest.), and the Hobby Shop said they could fix Himself's RC helicopter for about $10.

It was a good mail day - Anna, got your card! Thank you! I got the last 3 things for Herself (I had bought them way back at the first of November, but the seller never sent them. :grrrr: As soon as I got the refund, I frantically hit eBay; the seller shipped them Express on Friday. :whew: I also got my Stencil Company I have some things I need to work on to get them outta here. Not in time for Giftmas, no, but.....:wink:

Need to take a breather, but it was a good day.

OH! Anna, the eye weirdness a month or so ago was because of my old prescription, and the fact that they couldn't get my new one correct. The old one was too weak to properly see the computer screen (I'd been dealing with that for a while), and the new one was flat-out wrong. Yesterday.....we think it was because I got up at 5, didn't have breakfast until 9:15. I *CAN NOT* do that - my blood sugar drops and I get shaky and weak and "off". Add to the fact that I had a salad for breakfast (WHAT? That late, I knew we wouldn't have lunch.....and I need to start moving the pounds OFF.). I should have canned the diet and got something with lots more proteins and some carbs - lesson learned. IF it happens again, I'll make an appointment, promise!

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