December 20th, 2011

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Random Ramblings...

1. Got a new book yesterday - "Rashi's Torah Commentary" by Pinchas Doron. (Yes, I bought a Commentary on Commentary. :lol:) My Sapirstein's Edition is due today, but I flipped thru this last night. WOW. Just - WOW. THIS is the kind of stuff I eat up - Doron only chose passages of Rashi that *he* had trouble understanding, so it's not a complete commentary, but Oh Boy! I can't WAIT for UPS to get here!

For example: 1:1 B'reishit - "When God was first creating..." Rashi: 'The Torah should have really begun with the verse: "This month shall be to you [the beginning of months..."] (Ex. 12:1) because this is the first commandment that Israel was commanded (as a nation). Why, then, does it begin with "When God was first creating (heaven and earth)?" and he goes on (and on :lol:). Doron: Rashi answers an inherent question: Since the most important part of the Torah is contained in its commandments, instructions [...], why does it not begin with the first commandment given to Israel as a nation? Answer: The Torah begins with an account of the creation to instruct us in the most basic religious truth that God is the Creator and Master of the universe. (and so on)

It's FASCINATING, and.....y'know, I've often wondered why chrischuns, who claim to have replaced the Jews as God's Chosen, don't actually READ the Bible, let alone actually STUDY it. Think about it - "Bible Study" consists of a leader following a script that usually has the verses they (the authors of the "study") want you to focus on. They generally don't deviate from the printed script, and Lord help the person that has a different Bible translation and actually ASKS questions! The Jews have centuries of Torah study and commentary piled up, and they are actually encouraged to ASK questions. It's......Wow.

2. Hanukkah begins tonight! I've got the deep fryer disassembled and cleaned, and as soon as UPS gets here I'm heading out to get oil and a few other things. 8 days of ignoring cholesterol and diets, here we come! :lol: Tonight is latkes; I'll be doing sufganiot tomorrow (or maybe tonight...we'll see.) I'm also planning on picking up some prepared stuffs to fry - why not make it easy on me? :wink:

3. Rain!!! It rained ALL day yesterday, and most of the night. It was a wonderful, sloppy, muddy mess out there this AM! The Lord is taunting me - He knows I don't want to mess up my new boots, even though they were bought as barn boots. (I'd like to wear them a bit first, before having to get them all icky. Yes, I'm funny like that. :grin:) I don't mind - I'll keep them in the bedroom until it dries up - and we NEED the rain, so - Bring It On! :happy dance:

4. The Alpines and Cashmeres are in screaming heat. Glad our neighbors aren't too close...they are NOISY. Looks like the Nubians may have settled - they're watching the others like "Huh? Y'all are CrAzY! Shut up so we can NAP!!!!" :lol:

5. School is going well. Latin is coming along...Hebrew, not so much. "Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day" paced weird. We did Lesson 12 today....*6* pages. Lesson 10 had 2. It seems to introduce stuff in fits and starts. :sigh: Still, it's helping with Rosetta Stone. Or seems to be. Science and History still seem to be "fun", so that's good. I need to introduce "free Art" - Herself does this, but Himself doesn't. I want them to be comfortable playing with all sorts of mediums - Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, Pastels; she's comfy with them all, but he's not interested. :sigh: He never was one to color much...which is a pity. I LOVE crayons...:lol:

I need to go...clean the music room. Yeah. The fact that it has windows that can see the street has NOTHING to do with my need to get that room clean. Nope. Not a bit. I...need to tidy it up. Get it ready for Hanukkah. Yeah, that's it....:lol:

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