December 22nd, 2011

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Rearranging the house AGAIN

because today we picked up the new-to-us sofa, loveseat, and china cabinet. The sofa and loveseat are UGLY (Early American. I HATE Early American-styled furniture!), but FREE covers a lot of issues. They are in excellent condition - they were hardly used, in fact - and we needed a new sofa. Desperately.

The old sofa is currently on the back porch, waiting for SG to disassemble and burn it. The dogs are currently in dog heaven; Bree is on the sofa, watching the goats. :snicker: The other 2 girls are bouncing on and off of's hysterical! The old loveseat is currently against the wall next to the wood stove; the idea is that it is the DOG couch, and that they will NOT get on the "new" ones. Yeah - like that's gonna work! :snicker:

The china cabinet is lovely. I have NO place for it, I needed a china cabinet; granted, not until I had a real dining room, but - FREE. I need a couple of thousand to convert the garage to a room (even if *we* do it, it'll cost that - we have to remove the automatic door, replace it with a wall and regular door, patch the drywall, paint, re-do the attic access, do some sort of floor covering, and put in either shelves or cabinets to hold all my stuff. We're thinking of paying to get it done - there's only so many hours in a day, and I have to be picky about what I risk my wrist on. Painting? No risk. Framing? Big risk. :sigh: We're talking indoor/outdoor carpet, and I am NOT doing floors again if I can get out of it. I did all the floors in the house, and it about killed my knees - I'd rather not. (I can, and will if I must, but I'd prefer to pay someone else. Tile work is fun....but hard on the knees and back. I've only done carpet once...and it wasn't fun.)

Right now, the entry hall is full. The china cabinet is up against the desk, my soaping stuff is clogging the music/game room doorway, and my loom room is - once again - packed to the gills. :sigh: I need to spend some time tonight/tomorrow getting a load together for the women's shelter resale shop - that'll help on the clutter issue. I'm just kinda stuck for the moment space-wise......can't move the loom until the garage is done; can't do the garage until we have a shop space to put *that* stuff, can't do the shop until we have $$$. :sigh:

Gotta rest a bit before milking. Furniture moving.......not fun. At least I didn't hurt my wrist!

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