December 23rd, 2011

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Shabbat Shalom!

It's been a busy day. Had to go into town to pick up some stuff for SG; while out we went to the Jewish store. SG bought me a silver Star of David necklace (to match the one I got him :wink:). See, when I ordered the kids' kiddush cups, the seller included a rhodium Star of David necklace with the 12 stones for the 12 Tribes (don't get excited, you can buy one just like it on eBay for $4.95 :lol:) The only problem? It made me I gave it to Herself. SG saw it, and decided he needed to show his support of Israel, so I bought him a Star on a leather band, which he likes. But, now *I* didn't have

While there, we found a chrischun trying to preach to the sofer. :roll eyes: Dude, give. it. up. He was there *3* hours, we found out - being TOTALLY obnoxious. When we walked in, he was telling the sofer (scribe, for those that don't know - I didn't until the 2nd time we shopped there) that the Presbyterian church had a Hebrew Roots class, and......I figured he had just discovered the Truth and was digging for more info, but no. HE wanted to convert the Jews.....what got rid of him? :snicker: (Seriously, this is HILARIOUS!) - The sofer, finally tired of the guy NOT shutting up, said "Well, Jesus was just another cult leader, you know. That's the way Orthodox and Traditional Jews see Him. And you're part of a cult." :rofl: (It's funnier if you were there - I could tell the sofer was tired of it - the guy was obstructing sales - he even got into it with an Orthodox customer.) He RAN out of there at that point....(Oh! And the part where the guy was SHOCKED that Moses brought down 613 commandments, not 10...I think it blew his tiny mind. I had to go into the back room (where the books are) to hide my laughter. I mean, you can accept that God became man and died for your sins, but you can't accept that God would help a man carry 2 tablets down a mountain? 2 tablets that had more than 10 sentences on them, I mean? C'mon, dude - where's your Faith????)

The dogs are LOVING the sofa on the back porch (I know - SO redneck, isn't it? We're gonna burn it one of these days...really, we are. We can't give it away, and I don't want to pay to have it hauled off...). Bailey is camped out on it, and every now and then he sits up to bark at the goats/neighbors/cows. :lol:

The house smells fantastic - fresh challah, just out of the oven. The Shabbat menu is ribeyes, with fried mushrooms (hello, Hanukkah!), salad, challah, and lemon cake. Tomorrow AM we'll have homemade donuts (hey, it's Hanukkah - gotta fry stuff up!!). More tamales tomorrow (gotta eat them all up!).....and I think chicken-fried steak for dinner tomorrow night (should we be here. Ya never know...:wink:)

Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Hanukkah!

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