December 25th, 2011

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Dreary Sunday...

It's overcast; looks like snow but isn't cold enough. Wish it would snow - I'd have an excuse to STAY HOME if it did. :sigh: Yeah - today is Family Day....I HATE it. I'm a hermit, anyway- having to go and be sociable at the BIL's with a bunch of NON-family members is hard for me. Too many people I don't know crammed into a house that isn't mine.....:shudder: Not my idea of a good time.

Yesterday the china cabinet got moved to it's permanent position. In the weaving room. Totally out of place, but it'll look fantastic once the room is re-done as a dining room. And my "fine" china now has a pretty place to be displayed. (AND I have an empty shelf in the kitchen. Whee!) We won't mention the condition of the rest of the weaving room....let's just say it's back to being a disaster. :sigh:

Tonight is night 6 of Hanukkah. Such fun - we've been playing dreidle each night. Himself is a dreidle master, I swear - he can get it to spin, and spin, and spin. :grin:

Need to check on the fudge.....not only do I have to GO, I have to bring food. :sigh:

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