December 27th, 2011

me: portrait

So. How was your day?

Mine was going fine; we did school, the headed to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things. Got a new food processor to make laundry soap, some brackets for the bookshelf, some art paper - stuff like that. Got home, watched Shalom Sesame, and I grated soap.

Went to put the processor up....and the chopping blade slipped and I cut off the end of my middle finger. :sigh:

3 hours at the ER. There wasn't anything to stitch - the blade cut the chunk completely off - so they had to cauterize it. Fun times.....:shudder:

I can't use my right hand for at least 24 hours, and I can't go gloveless outside for at least a month. Milking is going to be fun - the kids go to Granny's Friday. :sigh:

Typing is problematic, and slow. Work Tuesday will be fun....:grin:

Anna - I replied to your comment, but it didn't recognize me on the phone. I don't expect repayment- I saw the book, it was CHEAP (seriously - $4, before the 20% off!), and I thought of you. I was buying books anyway - 1 more really wasn't going to change the total (and honestly? If I hadn't bought it for you, I'd have bought another book for us, so....really. Not a big deal!). And I LIKE doing stuff for others! Just be happy, OK? :wink:

Crap - the nerve block is starting to wear off. :sigh: This isn't going to be fun.....

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